Wednesday, March 16, 2011

General Petraeus Reveals That Only Son Served in Afghanistan.

I thank God that the Drudge Report never got hold of this news, because his track record on high profile soldiers on the battleground is abhorrent.

While he was testifying in front of the House* this afternoon, General David Petraeus revealed that his only son, Lieutenant Stephen Petraeus, served in Afghanistan as an infantry platoon leader until November of last year.

He revealed the information, which the media obviously didn't know about, after Walter Jones (R-NC) asked the General to "be honest" on how long the United States would remain fighting against the barbaric Taliban. I hope the honesty Petraeus dumped upon the anti-war Representative was blunting.

All Americans should be proud of this military family, and thankful that the enemy never discovered this information.

What say you?

* Which might be worse than fighting in Afghanistan.

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