Monday, March 07, 2011

Exclusive: Daily Kos Spearheading Efforts to Recall Republican Wisconsin Senators

Do you already think that State Senators fleeing a state to prevent a vote by rightfully elected officials is underhanded?  How about protesters handing out fake doctors notes?  Well, here's the newest underhanded campaign by the Left in Wisconsin: Daily Kos is pushing for and collecting signatures for the recall of Republican State Senators in the state.

In an email obtained by Pundit Press, Kos's Campaign Director explains in a poorly written email about the plan.

"Scott Walker was threatening to fire a bunch of people," he writes.  In response, "the Democratic Party of Wisconsin was collecting recall petition signatures, threatening to fire Scott Walker's Senators."  In other words, Senators that are in agreement with Governor Scott Walker to, you know, balance the state's budget.

"The recall has begun in Wisconsin, and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is the central organizing hub," he continues. "As such, we've added the Democratic Party of Wisconsin to Orange to Blue."

"We are winning this fight," he adds, using imagery that the Left whined and wailed against just two months ago.

He ends his delusional email with:  "Man, it sure feels good to be winning. It will feel even better when we win."

Here is the email in its entirety, with the username removed to protect anonymity (Click on it for much better quality):
So let's get these facts out of the way:  one, these Senators were rightfully elected and have done nothing illegal.  Two, you cannot recall elected officials just because you disagree with them.  Three, once again, liberals are stymieing the democratic process to get their way.  But, who cares that we're heavily in debt and people are losing money and jobs because of their actions?  Right?  Right?

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  1. Did that say winning or whining?

    I think whining would be more apropos

  2. We support Scott Walker. the unions have vastly under-estimated the silent majority for tto long.

    Johnny Crockett