Friday, March 25, 2011

Carbapenem Resistant Klebsiella Pneumonia~The Next Super Bug?

Over the past decade we have seen MRSA (methicillan resistant staph aureus) and C-Diff (clostridium difficile) become commonplace both in the hospital setting and in the community. The newest player is carbapenem resistant Klebsiella Pneumonia (CRKP). This isn't limited to pneumonia, as the name might imply. A gram negative bacteria, klebsiella is a fairly common cause of urinary tract infection's. I have seen only one case in the hospital where I work and it is a nightmare. Until now it was thought to be primarily a problem of the northeast, but a new study conducted in California puts to rest that assumption. Look for this bacteria to receive much more attention as the years pass and if you live in California take note. A recent study in southern California has identified more than 300 cases in the past 6 months. Of course there are more, many more.

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  1. if you are a 'hospitalist', try learning how to spell it... pneumoniae;