Saturday, March 19, 2011

Can Someone Explain to Me Why Air Force One isn't a Hybrid?

That might sound like a liberal loon's question, but I have to ask it.  Can somebody tell me why President Obama, who has extolled the virtues of "green energy" and alternative fuels, hasn't made Air Force One a hybrid?

I mean, I'm sure there's some way to implement a battery pack to be renewed or a fuel tank that could take corn.  The President has an entire nation's resources and he can't set an example?  What's that saying about do as I say, not as I do...

And fine, let's say that an airplane cannot possibly be more energy efficient, a term the Left loves to use.  Why can't the President get hybrid or electric limos?

You may remember in late 2008 and early 2009, the liberal press was all abuzz about Obama getting a green limousine.  The NY Daily News, based on a report from CNN, declared, "Obama's new presidential limo will be a Cadillac hybrid."

And then it didn't happen.  And time passed.  And passed some more.  And once no one was paying attention anymore, in April of 2010, the New York Times quietly stated, "No Hybrid Limo for President Obama."
President Obama
The article quoted the President as having said:
“I asked can we make these cars hybrids.  Secret Service said no. Now, the reason is not because Secret Service are bad guys. It’s because the cars that I’m in are like tanks.”
But what about all that talk of sacrifice, that the little guy will simply have to deal with what the President commands in order to get a green nation?  Why doesn't the President set an example?

And what about his home, the White House?  You would expect the Commander in Chief of green would have instantly replaced all the bulbs in his house to energy efficient ones, right?  Wrong again.

While it is unknown how many bulbs are incandescent or otherwise, one thing can be certain: Michelle Obama admitted begrudgingly that she had to install new "energy-efficient bulbs" as late as April of 2010:
Sasha brought home some energy-efficient bulbs that we have to put in the house. So we’re going to do some bulb replacement. All right?
Maybe President Obama will wait for the Arab League to set an example...

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