Sunday, March 06, 2011

Americans blind to growing Muslim violence against Westerners across Europe

by Eric Dondero

Muslim violence on native Europeans has increased greatly in the last few months, and weeks.

With the uprisings across northern Africa and the Middle East, immigration to Europe, mainly southern Europe, has increased dramatically. (See, "Italian Island flooded with Algerian, Tunisians fleeing N. Africa")

Additionally, Western European leaders like Nicolas Sarkozy in France, David Cameron in the UK, and Angela Merkel in Germany have instituted measures to curb rampant immigration and multiculteralism. This has resulted in a backlash among Muslim populations in Europe.

Just last week in Spain, a crazed Morroccan Muslim stabbed 12 people attacking staff and patients in a waiting room at a hospital in Madrid. (Source: BNI).

And in France, nightly riots by mostly Algerian Muslims in Paris have spread from the Islamic enclaves surrounding the city, to downtown. (Photo of Algerian man beating up a French citizen in the tourist area of Paris near the Eiffel Tower.)

In Marseilles hordes of Muslim Youth rampaged through neighborhoods, attacking local French citizens, and shops after a soccer match. (LR, March 4).

The French news site La Provence reports:
Twenty-six assaults per day in Marseilles. Is there any need to comment on the figures when the figures speak for themselves? When the Superior Court reopened after the New Year, district attorney Jacques Dallest used the occasion to explain the figures in more detail. And this year, they are more painful than before. They paint the portrait of a city that is suffering from crime: a 19% increase in armed robberies over 2009. With, as the attorney said, "assaults" executed "only for lucre" rising at a frightening rate. Three hundred crimes, major and minor, take place each day within the precinct (Marseilles-Aubagne-La Ciotat) of the Superior Court. "Marseilles is a minefield of criminal infractions," attorney Dallest declared in summary.
And Muslim gangs are staging "pray-ins" blocking streets 5 times a day with the Muslim prayer to Allah throughout France, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and even Bulgaria.

Meanwhile the American media is largely silent. Even conservative media in the U.S. has been tepid in reporting on the increasing Muslim violence against Westerners.

We are in the beginning stages of a War on Europe by Radical Islamists, and the West, particularly here in the US, is asleep.

Author is editor of, a multi-linguist (a dozen languages; fluent in 5) the author of the Worldwide Multilingual Phrase Book, published in 2003, and a European backpacker.

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