Saturday, February 19, 2011

Breaking: Doctors' Notes Being Handed Out at Wisconsin Teachers Union Rally (Video Added)

And a second video care of Big Government~

According to the MacGiver Institute men and women sporting white lab coats were handing out medical excuse notes without being examined by a physician. Being a doctor myself, I don't think Hippocrates would look very fondly on this.
The notes read

Feb 19, 2011

Patient’s name______

Date of birth ____/_____/_____

To Whom it May Concern:

This is confirm I have seen and evaluated the above named patient.

Please excuse from work/school due to a medical condition from

____/____/____ through

Please contact me at if additional information is needed. Thank you.


Physician Signature:

Physician Name

WI license number
Pretty nice note, just fill in the blanks and life is good. It is further reported that the doctor has been identified by signature and Wisconsin medical license number as James H Shropshire MD, an Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at the Wisconsin School of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine. So much forr that professional integrity I keep hearing about.

I can't say if Dr. Schropshire is aware of this activity, but The MacGiver Institute is looking into it. It's forgery or fraud, time will tell.

Updated with pictures~

None other than The Happy Hospitalist has thrown a link my way and has much more to add! Whatever did I do to deserve this?

If I was an employer who received one of these sick notes, I would demand proof of a billing statement from the doctor's office before I would let it slide. There is no place for this in the work place. And those doctors should be sanctioned by their state certifying organizations for not having adequate documentation of their confidential patient interactions.

To make matters even worse, what we have here is theft of state tax payers money. Every protester who doesn't show up for work but brings back a sick note is stealing money from the government. In fact, the 14 Democrats who left state lines on the clock could even be considered felons for stealing their salaries and crossing state lines.

And you wonder why the government is going bankrupt. It is a systemic sense of entitlement and dishonesty that has made public service the golden ticket for those in the club and the road to ruin for everyone else paying their bill. With just about every state in this Union being threatened with unfunded and unsustainable pension liabilities, I commend Wisconsin for taking the bold stop to keeping Wisconsin in the game for year to come. Eveyone who feels threatened by their actions should.

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  1. Nice job breaking the article, UH

  2. This is illegal and can be prosecuted. A doctor may not treat a patient without a good faith exam. That is what is getting those mail order viagra clinics in trouble. Maybe that is his day job.

    Michael Kennedy MD FACS

  3. Interesting Michael. The video is pretty fascinating if you have a chance to see it. One fellow implied the interviewer was attempting to get in the way of the patient doctor relationship.

    I get the sense this will not end well....

  4. What? I thought only thugs working for gov't of dictatorial or communist countries lie.

  5. Thanks for the shout out. You started it. Great post.

  6. Based on the actions of their doctors, the Wisconsin School of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine might be an appropriate place for future budget cuts.

  7. Imagine the hilarity that ensues when you contact the "doctor" for "additional information"!!!!

  8. The docs' fake scripts denoting illness are one sign that the scofflaws in the union movement are a tribe of scum-sucking bottomfeeders who break the law without compunction and flash the Italian salute at anyone who objects.

    In addition, the hegira of 14 WI state senators to the neighboring People's Republic of Illinois is not popular AT ALL with the native Wisconsinites. Of course, the polls by the Journal-Sentinel are not being published in the national media, the aptly-named lamestream media, which is also ignoring the inflammatory posters of the protesters with Gov. Walker's face on a target and wearing a Hitler mustache.

    This is par for the course and as a native Wisconsinite, albeit now transplanted, I think the state's traditional sense of fair play is being violated. Also, the intrusion of the Indonesian Imbecile and Trumka and JJackson are not appreciated except by die-hard supporters. Remember this is concerning around 100,000 public servants earning 50% above teachers in parochial schools, which intriguingly have a MUCH HIGHER test score and graduation rate than the second-rate public schools.

    All the signs point to a PR disaster for the Dems in WI and nationally for the Indonesian Imbecile.

  9. Say GOODBYE to your medical liscense, DUMMY FOOL!

  10. "and flash the Italian salute at anyone who objects." You mean as opposed to, say, calling them scum-sucking bottomfeeders.

    Thanks for making your hypocracy so blatant.