Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Senate Finally Voted Yesterday.

The United States Senate voted 97-0 yesterday afternoon to honor the victims and heroes of the Tucson rampage. It would have been nice if all 100 Senators were present for the vote, but none can complain about the resolution. We can, however, complain about the Senate's lack of action thus far in 2011.
Because of Harry Reid, Tom Udall, and other Senate Democrats attempting to destroy the Senate's filibuster, not one piece of legislation has been debated or voted upon in the 112th United States Congress. The House has cut millions of dollars from their budget, has repealed two pieces of unpopular legislation and has agreed to reduce discretionary spending to 2008 levels.

The Senate?

They failed to destroy the Minority's right to block legislation proposed by the Majority, which the Democrat Party will need in two years. Obviously, the will of the voters is considered as just another obstacle to real leftwing change, and apparently the main foundation of our Republic is just not democracy friendly for the Democratic Party of the 21st century.

Senate Republicans must demand that debates, discussions, and votes on vital legislation commence at once! Legislative business has been ignored for three weeks! Senators are not elected to conduct backroom deals, but to administer the people's business of cutting spending and reducing government. The lower House of Congress has already succeeded on this account.

Our deliberative body of government needs to deliberate, not obstruct business. That is how our Founding Fathers created the Senate to act, and that is how our modern politicians must conduct their affairs. Deliberation is admirable in most non-wartime conditions, but backroom obstructionism is despicable in all cases.

Any thoughts?

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