Monday, January 24, 2011

Rahm Emanuel Kicked Off the Ballot in Chicago

It has been decided by a court in Chicago that Rahm Emanuel does not meet the needed residency status, and therefore can not run for Mayor.

Emanuel had won two lower rulings, but in a split decision today, Emanuel is no longer allowed on the ballot. With the election less than a month away, this is an odd time for the courts to decide this.

The appellate court released this statement:

“We conclude that the candidate neither meets the the municipal code’s requirement that he have ‘resided’ in Chicago for the year preceding the election in which he seeks to participate nor falls within any exception to the requirement.”

Kevin Forde, the attorney who argued Emanuel’s case, stated, “It’s a surprise" when he heard the news.

Appellate judge Thomas Hoffman released this statement:

“We... order that the candidate’s name be excluded (or if, necessary, be removed) from the ballot from Chicago’s Feb. 22, 2011.”

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