Thursday, January 20, 2011

Daily Kos: Republicans 'Will Pay' for Repeal of Health Care, Launch "Repeal This" Campaign

How is that civility holding up?

Daily Kos, the disgraced liberal website, is angry over House Republicans voting to repeal ObamaCare.  So much so that they are doing away with supposed "civility" and are instead aiming to attack Republicans.  In this mass forwarded email, obtained by Pundit Press, Daily Kos (and those affiliated with it) lays out its plan to attack Republicans.

Daily Kos is calling the plan "Repeal This." Here is the email in its entirety below (username obscured to preserve anonymity, click for high quality):

In the email, Daily Kos also linked to a YouTube video expounding its political beliefs:

You figure it all out.

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