Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cat Forced to do Jury Duty

I know that there are a lot of jokes about the legal system and lawyers, but this is beyond strange. In Boston, a cat named Sal has been called in for jury duty. Sal has been ordered to arrive at a courthouse on January 23. Your tax dollars at work.

I don't know what his verdict will be.

Anna Esposito, wrote to Suffolk Superior Crown Court in Boston, US, to explain that a mistake had been made, but a jury commissioner replied saying the cat, named Tabby Sal, "must attend" on March 23.
Mrs Esposito had included a letter from her vet confirming that the cat was "a domestic short-haired neutered feline".
Tabby Sal had been entered by Mrs Esposito under the 'pets' section of the last census. "When they ask him guilty or not guilty? What's he supposed to say - miaow?" She said.
"Sal is a member of the family so I listed him on the last Census form under pets but there has clearly been a mix-up."
A website for the US judicial system states that jurors are "not expected to speak perfect English".

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  1. Well thats plain retarded

  2. The cat in the picture looks so shocked

  3. Was this cat called twice?

  4. This is what taxpayers are getting in exchange for paying these shop at walmart Government employees big fat pensions.

  5. Luckily Sal got out of this fix a year ago! Unfortunately the letter from the vet was not initially included in the communications to the judge and only the standard form was used giving the reason “he did not speak English”. This was straightened out pretty quickly. Nothing like recycling an old story.

  6. Perhaps appearing at the court with cat in hand and getting a signed 'refusal of entrance /pet' to prove you were there and you want your day's pay for obeying the letter of the court.It woulda been equally funny if you gained admission and presented him to the judge He would have been the first cat to attend jury selection(and get paid, its the law)R R R .ct