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Friday, January 28, 2011

BREAKING: ElBaradei Arrested in Egypt

This is breaking news. Mohammed ElBaradei, the top opponent of Egyptian dicatator Hosni Mubarak, has been placed under house arrest. This comes just days after his return to the country. Meanwhile, his pro-democracy followers have reportedly been beaten during ongoing protests shaking the country.

Credit: Mohammed Abed / AFP - Getty Images

The Al-Jazeera TV network said at least one person was killed, but this could not be immediately verified.

Speaking to Reuters, one witness described blood streaming from people with head wounds and others collapsing to the ground. Other witnesses gave similar descriptions.

Al-Jazeera also said opposition politician Ayman Nour, who ran in the 2005 presidential election, was hurt. Citing his son, the station said the politician was in intensive care after being hit by a rock on the head.

This could be a huge development that throws Egypt over the edge.

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  1. North Korea went nuclear under his watch as IAEA head. If somebody actually wanted a nuclear Iran, el Baradei couldnt have done a better job...


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