Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Obama Approval Falls to 39%

According to the Los Angeles Times, President Obama's approval rating has dipped below 40% for the first time. This came after another poll had his approval at just a meager 37%. This poll has not yet been listed on the Real Clear Politics average.

Even so, we see a steep decline from the President, with approval souring among independents and even some on the Left. His disapproval ratings are even higher than in Rasmussen polls, which usually do not favor Obama.

Approval: 39%
Disapproval: 60%

Of course, part of this could simply be part of the election fallout. But the news appears to be getting worse for the President:

Nearly 7 in 10 likely voters say the country is on the wrong track, rarely a good sign for incumbents.

Ouch. Plus he's behind potential Republican candidates for the office.

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17% of Americans Want Gov't to Outlaw Smoking

Do you believe that the government is already intruding too much into your life?  Well, 17% of Americans believe it is not enough.  According to a new poll, 17 out of every 100 Americans believe that the government should outlaw smoking all together.

While the 17% is down from a poll taken in late 2008, which showed that 22% were in favor of a ban, the amount of people who want smoking banned is still astounding.  If 17% of Americans truly want smoking to be banned, based on the U.S. population, that would mean that over 50 Million people are in favor of such government action.

Despite this number, however, the vast majority of Americans do not want smoking to be banned.  72% believe that the government should not make smoking illegal, while another 11% are not sure.

The article goes deeper, stating:
"Nineteen percent (19%) of non-smokers like the idea of a tobacco ban, compared to just 11% of those who say they currently smoke."
Should be outlawed?
The poll does not go into detail about the possible effects a ban on smoking could have on taxed and government revenue, but it does discuss regulation:

"When it comes regulation of the cigarette industry, Americans are divided over how much is enough. Twenty-two percent (22%) think the level of regulation is too high, while 26% believe it's not high enough. Thirty-eight percent (38%) say the current level of regulation is about right.
Smokers feel more strongly than non-smokers that the industry is overregulated."

While millions of Americans are resisting what they see as the over-reach of government in Health Care, gun ownership, and airport pat-downs, it is almost shocking that so many people would be in favor of a forceful ban on smoking.  There are currently 303 Million people in the United States, which means that over 50 Million people are in favor of a ban.

It does not look like smoking will be banned in the foreseeable future.

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NBC Names Ground Zero Mosque Developer a "Person of the Year"

NBC and its affiliates have been trounced in ratings over the last several years.  With stations like MSNBC under their belt and liberals such as Matt Lauer and Keith Olbermann hosting programs, NBC is clearly disconnected with the average American.  Another clear sign of their mismanagement: naming Sharif El-Gamal, developer of the Ground Zero Mosque, one of their "People of the Year."

In an interview set to air on Thanksgiving Day, Matt Lauer sat down with El-Gamal and discussed the "Park 51 Project."  El-Gamal, who was apparently pleased to be named one of NBC's people of the year, seemed very comfortable answering questions.  The excerpt released so far shows that Mr. Lauer gave El-Gamal a decidedly softball interview.  Here is a partial transcript of El-Gamal's opening statements:
"There's going to be a facility here that's going to provide aquatics, uh, uh, uh, a gym, just like a Jewish community center or, or a YMCA.  It's going to provide, uh, much needed facilities to the residents of Lower Manhattan."
Lauer responds that there is "one major exception" to El-Gamal's statement, describing the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  However, El-Gamal's quickly responded:
"Not once have I held my faith accountable for the horrific events of 9/11.  I am an American.  I am an American who has a specific belief system, and my belief system, in order to be a Muslim you have to be a good Jew and a good Christian."
After the interview, "Park51," a Twitter page set up in support of the Ground Zero Mosque, believed the interview went well and asked people to watch the entire interview on Thursday:

The controversy surrounding the Mosque has been drawn out and at times heated, but here is a quick summary of the events so far.  As we all know, the United States was attacked on September 11, 2001 by Islamic extremists who flew planes into the World Trade Center and Pentagon, while another hi-jacked plane crashed after passengers fought back.  Nine years later, the Freedom Tower, which will replace the Twin Towers, is slowly being built.

Two blocks away from what is known as Ground Zero, there are now plans to build an Islamic Mosque and community center.  Controversy has thus ensued.  The vast majority of Americans (over 65%) believe that the Mosque should not be built so close to where over 2,500 Americans were murdered in the name of Islam.  Those in favor of the Mosque argue that the Constitution protects freedom of religion, and thus protects the construction of what they call the Park 51 Project.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

A Look at Obama's Approval Ratings

This is your roundup of the major polling of the President's approval ratings. In this edition we can see that Obama's numbers appear to be rising after the elections and his trip to Asia. We're not exactly sure why, but it appears that anger over his deficits and ObamaCare are falling slightly due to belief the GOP House may change some policies.

So let's take a look at some of the top pollsters:

Approve: 47%
Disapprove: 46%


Approve: 46%
Disapprove: 52%

It appears that overall, Obama's approval ratings are staying largely stagnant, with his disapproval falling one tenth of one percent. We also see his approval gaining one percent in Gallup and disapproval declining one percent.

Approve: 46.0%
Disapprove: 48.0%

Keep a sharp eye out for this week's polling. 

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The Haley Barbour problem - Name Recognition.

Haley Barbour is a prime individual to become America's 45th President, but there is just one potential problem with a Barbour candidacy: Most American citizens have absolutely no idea who Haley is, even though he has led both the Republican National Committee and the Republican Governors Association to great electoral success after Democrat Presidents governed for only two years.
According to a new Quinnipiac University survey of 2,400 registered voters, the electorate has no idea who the two-term Mississippi Governor is. 75% of Americans (73% of Republicans, 74% of Independents & 76% of Democrats) have not heard enough of Barbour to come up with an opinion of the man. He appeared all across the Country for Republican Gubernatorial candidates last month, perhaps the main reason many Americans are aware of him today.

So what does this mean for the popular Southern Republican Governor?

Not much if you think about it. Sarah Palin was an unknown Governor from Alaska before John McCain elevated her to the national stage. Barack Obama was an lowly unknown Illinois State Senator only five years before becoming President. Name Recognition is vital, but the American people learn quickly.

If Governor Barbour tours the United States, appears on network and cable television, while dedicating some of his many resources to winning over the Conservative Blogosphere: he could reverse his political profile in just a few months, especially if he starts winning GOP Primary polls in the deep South.

While his record is brilliant, no-one knows of it. That is the uphill battle that Haley Barbour must climb if he wants to win the Republican Nomination, let alone the White House in 2012. But from what I've seen of the Conservative Insider, that should not be a problem for too long if he does decide to run.

Keep an eye on Mississippi, and its Governor - they might just surprise you.

Sen. Dodd Tweets: "U Love Torturing Me w this Sh*t"

It boggles my mind sometimes how people can forget that everyone can see what they write on the social networking site Twitter.  More, I'm shocked at how people with thousands of followers can curse and not realize that it could be controversial.  The newest culprit to forget these things: Democrat Senator Chris Dodd.

Dodd, who has had a Twitter account for over a year and who has over 700 tweets, apparently forgot what he was doing late last week, as he used the S-word in a tweet.  The post was quickly removed, but some quick internet users got a shot of what Dodd wrote before he took it down.  Here is a cleaned up version of Dodd's post:
The Dodd staff quickly removed the tweet and released a statement in which it stated that Dodd himself did not write the actual post:
“Due to a technical mistake, a message was inadvertently sent from Senator Dodd’s twitter account. Senator Dodd did not send the message. We have corrected the situation and apologize to his followers for the mistake and inappropriate language used in the message.”
However, it has been posited that Dodd did indeed write the actual tweet, as it was sent via text (notice that the message says "via txt" underneath the main writing).  Yet, when the staff retracted the tweet, it was from the web, which means that different people posted the tweet and removed it.
Dodd: Apparently being tortured with feces
Furthermore, the actual tweet that stated that Dodd did not write the previous message was clearly marked "From Dodd Staff:"
Occasional previous tweets would stated "from staff," suggesting that Dodd did indeed write the infamous tweet.

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Moron Mets Choose Terry Collins as New Manager

I'm a Mets fan.  I've been so for all of my life and I am one of the biggest fans of the Mets and baseball that I know.  Here is something else I know: the Mets will not win squat with Terry Collins as manager.  He was incredibly mediocre as a former manager (444 and 434 in his career, his team never finished first) and his hiring shows that the New York Mets and their fans are in for another terrible season.
Collins: Will be fired soon, I'm sure
I have nothing against Collins personally, but anyone who knows anything about the Mets' situation would know that the man for the job was and still is Wally Backman.  The Mets need some fire and he can provide it.  Congrats, Sandy Alderson, you are now in most (smart) Mets' fans dog house.

Now back to politics...

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

27% of Americans See US as "Unfair and Discriminatory"

Over one out of every four Americans now see the freest nation on earth as unfair and discriminatory.  In a poll released yesterday, 27% of people responded that the United States is a nation that is inherently flawed because it intentionally puts down or otherwise is prejudiced against certain (or all) people.

This number is up from previous months and is the highest in over a year.  Meanwhile, only 60% of Americans see the United States as "fair and decent."  Another 13% are undecided.

The poll suggests that many people's faith in the US has faded over the last two years, most markedly since President Obama's election and inauguration:

"When Barack Obama won the presidential election in November 2008, 65% said U.S. society was fair and decent. That number rose to 69% a month after he was inaugurated into the White House. 
In February 2009, 55% of African-American voters felt society was fair and decent. Just 26% feel that way now."
The poll, done by Rasmussen, continues, saying that the American people now believe in greater numbers that the President himself does not see America as a "fair" place:

"Forty-three percent (43%) of all voters nationwide believe President Obama views American society as fair and decent, but 44% say he sees society as being basically unfair and discriminatory. Another 13% are undecided.
When Obama first took office in January 2009, just 33% thought he viewed society as unfair and discriminatory, while 49% thought he viewed society as fair and decent."
The article ends with another poll.  In it, it states that a plurality of Americans believe this nation's best days are behind it:
"A plurality of voters nationwide believes America’s best days have come and gone, but that number has remained fairly consistent since the beginning of the year."
Personally, I believe that the United States is the best country on earth.  Here, anyone can do anything whenever they wish (so long as it's legal, of course).  You want to pursue a specific career?  Do it.  You want to get an education?  Go ahead.  Start a business, buy a house, follow your dream?  You can do it all here in the United States of America.

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Month in Review

It's been a very busy past 30+ days.  With a major election to cover, links from some of the best sites on the internet, and crazy political stories, Pundit Press has been quite active.  I'm writing this two days late, so technically it's a month plus two; here was our last.  But without further ado, our month in review:

Amount of Articles in the Last Month per authorof which there were 808 posts (yes, 808!)-

Aurelius led the way with 489 posts, or 60.5% of the articles
Thomas Ferdousi came in second with 238 pieces, or 29.5% of the articles
Mr. K came in third with a solid 66, or 8.2% of the articles
Unlikely Hospitalist came in fourth with 12, or 1.5% of the articles
Dr. Robert Owens came in fifth with 3 articles, or .3% of the articles

Top Views per Writer for an Article, of which there were 54,325 pageviews total (a 69% increase!)-

Thomas Ferdousi led the way by far with his article VIDEO: Democrat Gets Booed for Blaming Bush-- In Massachusetts!  The piece received 12,322 pageviews, or 22.7% of the views over the last month.  It was also linked on Instapundit.  Thomas also garnered us another 3,682 views, or 6.8%, with his coverage of the Rally to Restore Sanity, better known as "Smug-Fest."

Mr. K's best article came with The Positives of George W. Bush.  It garnered 602 views, or 1.1% of the views.  It was also linked on Michelle Malkin.

Aurelius's best article was Grayson: Glenn Beck can "Stick it," which received 537 views, or 1% of the views.  Glenn Beck's The Blaze linked to it.

Unlikely Hospitalist's biggest article was The Big Scandal, which received 32 pageviews, or .05% of the views.

Dr. Robert Owens's biggest article was My Name’s America and I’m a Debt-a-holic, which received 29 views, or .05% of the views.

Those that linked to us:

We at Pundit Press appreciate those that took the time to link to us.  To give back, we link back to them below (sorry if we miss anyone):

Reaganite Republican
Lonely Conservative
Pirate's Cove
Michelle Malkin
Atlas Shrugs
Gateway Pundit
The Blaze
Director Blue
The Wild West Coconut Show
Conservative Minority

Odds and Ends-

-Pundit Press covered hundreds of elections, including polls and results.
-We're up to 40 Followers.
-Our Alexa ranking is up to 516,400, up (or down) over 500,000 from 1,106,932 last month.


I forgot to include two new stats:  Most prolific commenter and favorite commenter, which goes to the person who commented the most on posts and the person whose comments are the best, respectively:

Aurelius had by far the most comments.
Paul Mitchell (who writes for Mean 'ol Meany) was our favorite commenter.

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Murkowski: “It’s time they met one Republican woman who won’t quit on Alaska”

Write-in candidate for Senate Lisa Murkoski still states that she is in the Republican party.  Lisa Murkowski still states that she will caucus with Republicans.  Despite these things, it is clear that Ms. Murkowski never had tact and is now a RINO (Republican in Name Only).

In a gloating tirade, Murkowski claimed victory in Alaska against Republican nominee Joe Miller.  In a time like this, one would expect Murkowski to be at least slightly humble.  She was not.  Defending her decision to run, Murkowski stated:
"They tell me that this cannot be done, that this is a futile effort.  Well, perhaps it's time they met one Republican woman who won’t quit on Alaska:”
The quote comes at 1:13:

The swipe was in reference to former Alaska Senator Sarah Palin, who stepped down last year.  Obviously, Murkowski has found no need to keep things classy.

In August of this year Lisa Murkowski, the senior Senator from Alaska, lost the Republican primary for Senator to Joe Miller.  In a year in which the average voter is particularly disgusted by politicians who cling to power despite the wishes of the people, Murkowski refused to concede defeat and decided to run as a write-in candidate.

With a large lead so far in the vote count, Murkowski has asked Miller to conceded, after she declared victory.  Joe Miller has not.  Analysts believe there is a good possibility that Miller will ask for a recount.

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Thanks for Nothing

Sometimes not getting everything you want is the best thing you can get. Sometimes enough is too much already.  Sometimes the next time might be the last time if this time is just like the last time.  Sometimes when we try to run out the time, time runs out on us.  Then again, sometimes time seems to stand still, which is exactly the time we need to realize time never stands still.
Sometimes not getting everything you want is the best thing you can get.   In the run up to the game-changing election of 2010 many people hoped the Republicans would gain control of both the House and the Senate.  This did not happen and that is a good thing.  The staggering scope of the re-alignment in the House reveals the breadth and depth of America’s repudiation of the Progressives and their welfare nanny-state.  However, if the Teanami had given conservatives complete control of the legislative branch it would have set the stage for President Obama and his accomplices in the media to run against the Tea Party Congress 24/7 for the next two years.  As it stands today, the House can act as an anchor slowing down the precipitous rush into the Progressive’s socialist dream world without being a foil for the next comeback kid. 
Sometimes enough is too much already.  While the House is now in a perfect position to slow down the Progressives march towards Utopia it might be too late.  By standing on the promises they’ve made to get another chance at legislative leadership the Republicans can stop anymore over-the-top spending.  They can use their power to modify bills and bring some sanity back to our budgetary process.  This will be good, but it won’t be enough.  The looting of the treasury that’s gone on for the last two years combined with the projected looting already commits us to trillion dollar yearly deficits for the next 10 years.  Slowing the rate of growth will do nothing to stop our mad rush into insolvency.  Standing still is not good enough, we must reverse course or this Titanic is going to hit the iceberg no matter where we place the deckchairs.
Sometimes the next time might be the last time if this time is just like the last time.  The Republicans are hitting the right note as they prepare to take over the House.  They aren’t crowing about the victory of their Party. They’re acting chastened and aware that if they mess it up this time they may end up following the Whigs they replaced in the 1850s unto the ash heap of history.  After 40 years in the wilderness, the Republicans gained power in 1994.  They followed through on their contract and brought in the first balanced budget in a generation, ended welfare as we had known it and inspired a pragmatic progressive to utter those long sought after words, “The era of big government is over.” 
Unfortunately, they nominated a lackluster candidate and were out maneuvered by the Clinton Machine in 1996 and then fell into an impeachment debacle wherein they had to fight the administration, the media, and their own Progressive wing.  Following their impeachment fiasco the GOP legislative majority followed their Progressive leaders and wallowed in the pork until disgusted voters decided to give the Democrat Progressives a chance.
The Republicans are wise to realize they’ve not been embraced by the Silent Majority / Tea Party. They’ve been given one last chance.  Do what you said you would do, fight to reverse the slide, fight to save the Republic, don’t just mark time, or this time will be your last time because sometimes when we try to run out the time, time runs out on us. 
Sometimes time seems to stand still which is exactly the time we need to realize time never stands still.  The lame duck session grinds on, and we still don’t know what lame laws these ducks will lay before they lose the keys to the House.  In a way, with the holidays fast approaching and the blessed sound of a recess bell not too far away it feels as if time is standing still.  As if the angels are holding their breath awaiting the first snowflakes as we all gather to give thanks, Congress is going home. 
However, the Progressives are not standing still.  In the last two years they’ve effectively abdicated their Constitutional responsibilities moving much of the decision-making and oversight from Congress to the bureaucracy.  Right now the multiple thousand page bills are being unwrapped like Christmas presents by the departments and bureaus and soon new regulations with the force of law will cascade out of nondescript offices continuing the transformation of America.  Those dedicated to the salvation of the Republic cannot rest upon the glow of victory. We must redouble our efforts to turn back the tide.  We must limit the government before the government limits us.
Now is the time to petition our representatives, asking them to actively do nothing in the lame duck session that isn’t absolutely necessary.  There was no budget passed, so a continuing resolution is required.   That’s all that must be done.  The tax question can be postponed until the next Congress and made retroactive. The START treaty needs a closer examination.  Everything else being proposed such as the Dream Act is nothing but political payoffs for members of the Progressive coalition.  The best thing this Congress can do for us after all they’ve done to us is nothing.   If they’ll just do that we can all be thankful.
Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion for Southside Virginia Community College and History for the American Public University System.  http://drrobertowens.com © 2010 Robert R. Owens dr.owens@comcast.net Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook.

Olbermann to Tweeter: "You are a 'F**ktard'"

I honestly did not know that you could write the F-word on Twitter, but obviously liberal television host Keith Olbermann did.  Well-known for his ego and having a thin skin, Olbermann erupted in anger on his Twitter account after a tweeter referred Olbermann in a rambling, odd tweet.

Incensed by this tweet, Olbermann wrote back to the man (caution, link contains bad language).  In it he used the F-word twice and added the derogatory "-tard" at the end, in reference to the pejorative word used for mentally handicapped persons.  Here is the tweet with part of Olbermann's words sanitized:
Notice that Olbermann uses quotation marks around his use of the expletives.  He did this in reference to language the other tweeter had used.  However, for a person who considers himself a journalist, this insult is not acceptable in any form, especially not on a social networking site.

Mr. Olbermann returned recently from a suspension from MSNBC for donating to Democratic candidates for Congress.  He missed more than two weeks of his liberal commentary program Countdown with Keith Olbermann.  It is odd that Mr. Olbermann would use such language right after he returned from a suspension.  However, MSNBC has not stated whether it will take action over this newest incident.
The tweeter that the TV personality was replying to mentioned Olbermann in a peculiar tweet on Thursday (caution, link contains bad language).  In it, the tweeter, whose username is a French swear, either insinuates conservatives are racists or Olbermann and other liberals are incorrectly calling conservatives racist.  What exactly he meant is very unclear, as he references two liberal people and uses a colon.  However, it is ambiguous as to whether he is quoting Olbermann or someone else, or is pretending to paraphrase conservatives.

The tweeter's overall message, that "we are all Americans," is further lost when he uses the word "f**ktards" (cleaned up) to describe people who try to differentiate between nationalities and races.  Olbermann took offense and responded, using the expletive twice.

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Colt Brennan Car Accident

Colt Brennan, a former college football star and Heisman hopeful, was involved in a head-on accident earlier today.  According to the quarterback's father, Brennan is badly injured, with broken ribs and a broken collarbone.  I was a big fan of Brennan a few years ago when he took Hawaii to a bowl game, so I wish him the best and a speedy recovery.

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Pelosi: Gov't Saved $26.8 Billion by Spending $82 Billion

If you gave this headline a double take, you gave it twice the thought as out-going Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi did.  According to the House Minority Leader-elect, the United States' government bailout of car companies saved our nation "1.5 million American jobs" and "prevented a $26.8 billion loss to the American taxpayer."

You can read all about it on Pelosi's blog "The Gavel."  With someone like Pelosi, one would expect that she would leave out the fact that the United States spent over three times $26.8 Billion to bailout companies like GM.  However, she does not, referencing the $82 Billion just two paragraphs later.

Here is a short excerpt showing the ridiculousness of Pelosi's writings:
"Government action supporting the auto industry prevented a $26.8 billion loss to the American taxpayer and saved nearly 1.5 million American jobs...The loss would have been caused by increased public welfare payments and lost tax receipts from workers had the government not provided $82 billion of assistance to the industry."
Pelosi does not explain how exactly the United States saved $26.8 Billion while spending over $50 Billion more just to bailout auto companies.
The Gavel extensively quotes an article that appeared on Bloomberg.com, trying to pretend that she's not saying this.  But it is obvious that Pelosi is trying to push this ridiculousness as, one, the truth, and two, is trying to say that she saved the American taxpayer billions of dollars.

This is very similar to the President's and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's claims that the Stimulus saved $282 Billion.  According to them, the $787,000,000,000 price tag on the Stimulus saved Americans $282,000,000,000.  Once again, they never explain how you can save money by spending three times as much.

This is just another example of Democrats arguing that spending a tremendous amount of money is somehow saving money.  Obviously the drubbing they received earlier in the month didn't teach them anything about fiscal responsibility or about not lying to the American people.

She really thinks that she can get away with lying to the American people.  Well, I think she is wrong.

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Even Lefty Ed Schultz May be Turning on Obama?

He asks if he is a one-term President. Schultz appears to be a real mean individual but he might be right about this.

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A Look at Obama's Approval Ratings

This is your roundup of the major polling of the President's approval ratings. In this edition we can see that Obama's numbers appear to be rising after the elections and his trip to Asia. We're not exactly sure why, but it appears that anger over his deficits and ObamaCare are falling slightly due to belief the GOP House may change some policies.

So let's take a look at some of the top pollsters:

Approve: 46%
Disapprove: 47%


Approve: 47%
Disapprove: 52%

It appears that overall, Obama's approval ratings are rising for some reason and his disapproval ratings are falling.

Approve: 46.0%
Disapprove: 48.1%

Keep a sharp eye out for this week's polling. We see him gaining so far in both Rasmussen and Gallup.

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The rise of the M1A1 Abrams Tank in Afghanistan.

The M1A1 Abrams Tank has not had the pleasure of visiting Afghanistan during our nine year old conflict in the Jihadist bastion. Well, according to a CNN.com report this morning, that is about to change, and our foes should be afraid, very afraid in the volatile border region of the Helmand Province.
The M1A1 Abrams entered the service in 1980, replacing the old M60 Patton, which was our main battlefield tank for almost two decades before. The M1A1 Abrams weighs 67.6 short tons, drives 41.5 mph, and fires out of 2,600 pound Rheinmetall 120 mm gun. This is definitely something I wouldn't want to be on the wrong side of.

Although the tank was introduced three decades ago, it hasn't seen much action besides for the Iraqi front - during both Operation Desert Storm, and Operation Iraqi Freedom. It was successfully used during the latter Operation in the Anbar Province. This next deployment will be located in the Helmand province, which is a Taliban dominated region that borders Pakistan.

This should be a reminder that we're still fighting a War in Afghanistan, and that all of our honorable soldiers deserve the moral support of Americans at home. I believe it's the least Americans can do, considering what our soliders are doing - every day for us, all across the entire world.

Any thoughts?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Trump on Obama: "He's Totally Over his Head"

Donald Trump, business mogul and television personality, is none too please with President Obama's job performance as Commander in Chief.  Regarding business and Obama's experience, Trump sees our 44th President as a failure.

Discussing President Obama's effect on business during his tenure in office, Trump stated in an interview, "I think he has been not good for business."  Coming from a man worth $2.9 Billion and who has spent his life building successful businesses, that has got to sting.

But Trump does not stop there.  Regarding President Obama's experience, with the economy and more, Trump has no kind words, stating, "I think he’s totally over his head.”  The President, who has spent years trying to down-play his lack of experience, is once again hammered.

However, an even bigger question arose concerning Trump during the interview.  While Trump's criticism of the President may seem out of the blue, even if justified, questions later in the conversation may have brought out the real reason why Trump was trouncing Obama: Mr. Trump is mulling over a Presidential run in 2012.
Asked what he would run as, Trump stated, “I’m a Republican – I’d run as a Republican.”  However, he was quick to emphasize that he did not necessarily want to run.  I'd “prefer not running,” he stated.

However, looking at his recent comments regarding China and the President's foreign policy, Trump is clearly giving a Presidential bid some thought.

In another recent interview with George Stephanopoulos, Trump stated,
"I am thinking about things. And I'm looking at this country ... and what's happened in terms of respect, and the respect for this country is just not there... I have many people from China that I do business with, they laugh at us. They feel we're fools. And almost being led by fools. And they can't believe what they're getting away with.”
Will Trump run?  The question is in the air, but only one person knows for sure.

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Trump Considering 2012 Run

According to both Politico and several interviews, business magnate Donald Trump is considering running for the Presidency in 2012. Trump, a Republican, said that he believes that President Obama is "totally over his head."

“I respect him; I like him; I think he’s wonderful in many ways,” the real estate mogul said on MSNBC on Thursday. “I think he has been not good for business, and honestly – and very sadly – the world does not respect this country, and therefore, I think the world doesn’t respect our leader. He’s a nice man, but I think he’s totally over his head.”
Furthermore, Trump is talking about possibly challenging current Republican front-runner Sarah Palin in the nomination battle should he decide to run.

"I am thinking about things. And I'm looking at this country ... and what's happened in terms of respect, and the respect for this country is just not there," Trump tells ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos.

"I have many people from China that I do business with, they laugh at us. They feel we're fools. And almost being led by fools. And they can't believe what they're getting away with.”
Trump also made similar points on MSNBC yesterday, saying that China was beating the US economically in some fields. It is still unclear if Trump will run, but with the United States still in a protracted economic slump, he may be welcomed by part of the GOP. Considering that Mitt Romney is the only other candidate that would claim business success, Trump would probably outshine the former Governor of Massachusetts.

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50% Turn Against Afghan War for First Time

Some sad news to report as a major polling firm is reporting that for the first time a majority of Americans have turned against the Afghanistan War. The poll is from Quinnipiac, which was taken in the last several days. This poll comes as the surge is setting in and Taliban attacks have fallen in the country. Nonetheless, Americans want to at least begin to get out.

The poll also shows that not only are people now against the war, the percentage is increasing from just several months ago. While this is not nearly as many as opposed the Iraq War during the 2007 surge, it still denotes a fall in popularity.

American voters say 50 - 44 percent that the U.S. should not be involved in Afghanistan, the first time the independent Quinnipiac University poll finds more voters opposed to the war. This compares to a September 9 survey in which voters said 49 - 41 percent that the U.S. was doing the right thing in Afghanistan.
Quinnipiac is not the most reliable of the national pollsters, but I do have the feeling that most other polling firms would find a similar result. People are tired of the war, even though it is clear that al Qaeda and the Taliban will be able to reorganize with an Allied pullout.

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Terrorist on Trial Acquitted on All But One Charge

In what was considered the test case for the potential civilian trial of Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the mastermind behind the September 11, 2001 atrocities, a terrorist with over 250 charges against him had them all found not guilty, except for one.

Ahmed Ghailani, who helped al Qaeda lead attacks in East Africa, was aqcuitted of 284 of 285 counts against him. Ghailani helped to bomb US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998, killing 224, including 12 Americans.

Ghalaini was found guilty of one conspiracy charge but the most potent, including murder, fell by the wayside.

"You deserve a lot of credit," U.S. District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan told the jurors after the verdicts were announced. "You have demonstrated also that American justice can be delivered calmly, deliberately and fairly, by ordinary people - people who are not beholden to any government, including this one."

Naturally, one has to wonder how this method of trial could fit for a war criminal like Khalid Sheik Mohammed and whether a non-citizen captured outside of the US really needs a civilian trial. Hopefully this will be the final nail in the coffin trying to try him here.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Conservatives support Chris Christie.

So who do Conservatives really want in 2012?

According to a HotAir.com survey of three thousand Conservatives, if the 2012 Republican Primary was held today: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie would sweep the Conservative electorate nationwide. Only Governors Sarah Palin and Mitch Daniels were able to compete with Chris Christie; Romney could not even win the state of Michigan, where his father was a popular Governor for six years.

If Conservatives were the only Primary voters in 2012 (as of today):

Gov. Christie (NJ) would win 33 states.
Gov. Palin (Alaska) would win 12 states.
Gov. Daniels (Indiana) would win 1 state.

In the real world - Mitt Romney would win most of the North East, with Chris Christie performing well in the Mid-Atlantic. Sarah Palin would dominate the West, Mitch Daniels the Mid-West, while Mike Huckabee would carry most of the deep South (pending on Haley Barbour). Meaning the voters would not be selecting the next Republican Nominee; the Convention would.

Any thoughts?

Lunacy: Pelosi elected House Minority Leader

House Democrats lost five dozen seats on election day.

Obviously, that's not enough to spurn Nancy Pelosi from maintaining control over House Democrats, because she was elected House Minority Leader* this afternoon, with relative ease over North Carolina Congressman Heath Shuler.

Conservatism within the Democratic Party officially died today.

* - Pelosi previously served as House Minority Leader between 2003-2007.

Vote in Our Poll: Which Democrat in the Senate Do You Want to See Lose Most in 2012?

It's tempting to want to vote for more than one and I know that we would like every person on this list to lose. However, we would like to see who draws the most ire from the conservative movement. Not only this, we realize that if we put up President Obama on the list, he would be far and away number one, so he's not on there. So these are some of the most disliked Democrats in the Senate. Who is the most disliked? That's up to the voters.

Which Democrat in the Senate Do You Want to See Lose Most in 2012?online surveys

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Pelosi Re-elected as Dem Leader

San Francisco Congresswoman and soon to be former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has again been reelected as the head of the Democratic Party in the House. This despite all of her polarization and poor policy choices that contributed to the Democrats' massive losses two weeks ago.

Pelosi was challenged by Blue Dog Heath Shuler but she beat him with relative ease. The Democratic bloc stayed together for the vote and put her back in charge.

"There was a lot of unrest in the room for several hours," Shuler said following the vote, arguing the strength of his challenge "sends a message" that the party needs to change direction.
Pelosi ultimately had little trouble repelling the challenge from Shuler, one of the relatively-conservative Blue Dog Democrats who saw their numbers decimated in the midterms. The vote was 150 for Pelosi to 43 for Shuler.
Pelosi, of course, said she had the experience to lead the Democrats. A far more reasonable position would be that she had too much baggage to lead the party either in Congress or in the nation-at-large.

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Alvin Greene: 'I Was Born to be President'

Looks like Barack Obama now has a primary challenge. Alvin Greene, the unemployed man who ran against Jim Demint in the South Carolina Senate race is apparently seriously considering a run for the Presidency. And while many Americans may not take him seriously, he sure is.

According to Politico, Greene is setting up the first steps to run for the office of the chief executive. However, he still has to fight off the pesky charges that he showed pornography to an unwilling college student. It is unknown whether he will be found guilty or not.

But he appeared confident when talking to the media:
“I’m the next president,” Greene said. “I’ll be 35 … just before November, so I was born to be president. I’m the man. I’m the man. I’m the man. Greene’s the man. I’m the man. I’m the greatest person ever. I was born to be president. I’m the man, I’m the greatest individual ever.”
Greene plans on pleading not guilty to the charges despite the fact that his lawyers did not show up to the trial.

According to his campaign website he lost only because of the intragisence of Democrats.

Comedian Lewis Black and others imply that voting for me was dumb, but the South Carolina Democratic Party bosses were the dumb ones. The 358,276 people who voted for Greene voted for their own interests. That’s smart.
Oh, and he has a comic book about himself as basically the savior of the world. [warning, PDF]

So here he is: the long awaited challenger from Obama's left for the Democratic nomination. Keep in mind that he also thought he was going to beat Jim Demint and won the Democratic primary over a state office-holder.

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A Look at Obama's Approval Ratings

This is your roundup of the major polling of the President's approval ratings. In this edition we can see that Obama's numbers appear to be gaining slightly after the elections and his trip to Asia.
So let's take a look at some of the top pollsters:

Approve: 48%
Disapprove: 45%


Approve: 45%

Disapprove: 54%

All of the polling was done after the election, and we're seeing a small 1% bump to his approval rating and a fall of a little less than one percent to his disapproval. 

In the Real Clear Polling average:
Approve: 45.9%

Disapprove: 48.3%

Keep a sharp eye out for this week's polling. As the lame duck Congress continues, it's difficult to say where approval goes.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Video: O'Reilly Says Obama on Retreat

Fox host Bill O'Reilly argues that after the Midterm elections and a subpar trip to Asia last week President Obama is in retreat. He cites the tax code among other issues.

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Rangel: There is "No Evidence of Corruption"

Representative Charles Rangel was found guilty today of numerous ethics violations by a House Committee.  While some would be humbled by the findings, Rangel is instead declaring that there is "no evidence of corruption" at all and that the Committee acted unconstitutionally.

While many see Rangel's guilt as a slam dunk, and while others state that his corruption is irrefutable, Rangel does his best to discredit the panel that found him guilt.  First he declares that there is absolutely no evidence against him, even though a panel of multiple people found him guilty on 11 counts of violations:
Rangel then links to an article (which he himself wrote) in which he elaborates on his defense of himself, while spouting lies about the Committee that found him guilty.

According to Rangel, he was denied his "due process rights" and his "right to counsel."  We all know this is not true, as Rangel's own legal team quit two months ago.  In other words, not only did he already have at least two months (and in fact had more), he already had "counsel."  They quit on him because he was so obviously corrupt and he disagreed with them on legal strategies.

Rangel goes on to say:
"While I am required to accept the findings of the Ethics Committee, I am compelled to state again the unfairness of its continuation without affording me the opportunity to obtain legal counsel as guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution.

This unfair decision is the inevitable result of the Committee's insistence on moving forward despite the absence of any legal representation on my behalf.  The Committee elected to reject my appeal for additional time to secure new counsel and thus acted in violation of the basic constitutional right to counsel."
I know that the vast majority of this is Rangel intentionally lying and trying to make it seem that the House Committee is out to get him, but I honestly wonder if he believe the lies that he is spewing.  Either way, he's guilty, both in the eyes of the public and now officially.
Oh, and Rangel was reelected two weeks ago with 81% of the vote.

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Pelosi: I Cut "$1.5 Trillion" in Taxes, Cut Deficit in Half

You might think that out-going Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi would have learned from the Democrats' massive trouncing two weeks ago.  If you do, you are wrong.  Not only is Pelosi still pushing her ridiculous agenda, she is also upping her lies.

According to Pelosi, the 111th Congress, thanks to her leadership, saved the United States from economic ruin and in fact made it much stronger.  It's all in her faux-facts "blog" The Gavel.  I suppose now that Ms. Pelosi is going to lose control of the House, she thinks lying her botoxed face off will have no consequences.

For example, according to Pelosi, she passed massive legislation that increased "Financial Responsibility" to Congress.  Not only that, but she cut "taxes for most Americans by $1.5 trillion."  At the end of the paragraph, she declares "Action Completed," obviously to imply that she actually did something like this.

But why stop there?  Pelosi continues with her lies, and cites several projects that "created" millions upon millions of jobs for the American people.

First she references the Stimulus Package, which she states "jumstart[ed] our economy."  According to her, it will "create and save 3.5 million jobs" and "give a tax cut to small business and 95% of American workers."  I'm sure this is a small point, but the fact that the unemployment rate under Obama has exploded utterly destroys the idea that the Stimulus jumpstarted anything.
And by the way, how do you give a "tax cut" to 95% of Americans when in fact you're making them pay $787,000,000,000?  Well, Ms. Pelosi doesn't give it a second thought and pushes forward in her rhetoric.

Pelosi continues that she has created over 500,000 jobs through other types of Stimulus, government spending, and "tax breaks."  Sure you did, Nancy.

By the end of her "accomplishments," she states that she has "completed," quote, "cutting Bush deficit by more than half by 2013."  That's weird, considering that the CBO states that in 2009 alone, the Obama Administration and Congress have quadrupled the deficit:

Pelosi may think that she can pull a fast one on the American people, but she is mistaken.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Sarah Palin's not going anywhere.

Sarah Palin's political career is over.
That is what I, and countless others, thought when it was announced the former Alaska Governor would be getting her very own "reality television show" on the channel that features Little People, Big World, and 19 Kids and Counting. There was just no possible way for her survive the show, unless it became a major hit.

Never underestimate the power of Sarahcuda:

Five million Americans tuned in yesterday to watch the world premier of Sarah Palin's Alaska, on a Sunday night, when the Patriots and Steelers were battling it out on NBC. Not since Going Rogue sold 2.7 million copies nationwide last year, has the former Republican Vice-Presidential candidate had this much command over our Nation's short attention span.

I'm still sure that Governor Palin will not run for President in 2012, but if she does - I'm starting to think she could actually win the Republican Nomination, with or without Huckabee in the race. Her base is strong, her will is strong and her fighting spirit is definitely strong. Don't count her out just yet.

What say you?

Video: Quantitative Easing Explained

Hat tip: HotAir and Real Clear Politics.

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D.C. School Does Away with F Grades

You know, I remember nights years ago in which I studied to get by in school.  I tried hard because I wanted to do well and pass, knowing that one day my hard work would pay off.  It was a valuable life lesson and one that is inherent in our capitalist system:  if you work hard, you will achieve success.  Well, a school just outside of Washington D.C. has decided to rid itself of failing grades.

Now, the 2,200 students at West Potomac High School are allowed to hand in papers whenever they wish and will not received a lower grade than others.  In other words, if you turn in a paper two months late, you can still get an "A."

Not only that, but even if you get every single question wrong on a test or a quiz, you still do not receive an F.  In fact, you can take it as many times as you like so long as you don't pass.  If you get an A your tenth time, you get an A and only an A.  Miss school?  That's okay, you do not have to answer for it because the school "understands" that being a kid is tough.

Parents have complained about this new "standard:"
"What about the conscientious student who keeps up with class, studies until 2 a.m. and pulls an A on a math test? Should a peer who skipped class and flubbed the test twice or three times get an equal grade? With the new policy, the ultimate grade on a student transcript could be the same, even though the two students took very different paths."
But "expert" Rick Wormeli defends the decision to give students NMs, or "no mark," when they do not complete their work or do extremely poorly instead of an F.  According to Wormeli, and I can hardly believe this, not giving students an F is harder on students:
"It's far more demanding on kids.  Now it's, 'Oh crud, I have to learn it.' "
I'll just say that Wormeli is full of it.  A much more plausible reaction by a ten or eleven year old that does not want to do his work is: "I don't need to do it and I can't fail no matter what.  I'm not doing it."
West Potomac School Symbol
West Potomac's Principle Cliff Hardison defends his decision to not grade failing students:
"Obviously we're trying to help kids who were not successful in the past, but really we're trying to help all kids."
You know what?  If you work hard and try, you earn your grades.  We do not, and hopefully will never, live in a society that gives away free grades to unqualified citizens.  We should not and cannot give slackers who have never tried in their life high-paying jobs, especially when it takes away the job of someone who has worked hard to get where they are.  This is disgusting.

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Corrupt Rangel Walks Out of Ethics Hearing

Democrat Charles Rangel, a disgraced member of the House of Representatives, is pulling out all of the stops to make himself appear as egotistical and corrupt as possible.  After demanding that his ethics trial be delayed, Rangel left the hearing abruptly, stating that he was not given enough time to hire a legal team for himself.

Of course, Rangel's claim is simply a lie, as his legal team quit two months ago after a debate over strategy.  Most likely, the team realized how corrupt Rangel was and wanted to go one way.  The corrupt Rangel wanted to go another, and his lawyers just quit.

This meant that today, at the beginning of Rangel's legal hearings, that he had no legal representation.  Of course, since his lawyers quit two months ago, he had plenty of time to assemble more people.  Either Rangel could not get anyone to accept his case or he intentionally did not hire anyone in hopes that the court would delay the hearing.  They did not, so Rangel walked out.

On November 2, despite the tremendous political pressure on him because of the ethics trial and the clear corruption evident, Rangel was reelected by a large margin.  In fact, Rangel won 81% of the vote in his district, a tremendous amount by any standard.

In court, Rangel faces a tremendous amount of counts against him, including over one dozen charges of financial and fundraising misconduct.  To think that he can simply pout and walk away from his hearing shows that Rangel is in over his head.

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