Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Pelosi: I'm Open to Republican Ideas, 'I Restored Fiscal Discipline to the Congress'

After the Democratic party was trounced on Tuesday, the once stubbornly anti-Republican Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi now states that she is willing to hear Republican ideas.  In an Op-Ed published by USA Today, Pelosi downplayed her vehemently anti-Republican and anti-conservative past and declared that Republican ideas are now "welcomed."

Writing after she gave herself a pat on the back for all of the "accomplishments" she achieved in Congress, Pelosi wrote of her new-found willingness to listen to GOP ideas:
"Democrats will continue to put forward innovative ideas, engage in entrepreneurial thinking and work to create the jobs for middle class prosperity. Republicans and Democrats must work together, with President Obama, to prepare for our nation for the 21st century while creating clean energy and infrastructure jobs. As we go forward, we welcome Republican ideas about job creation.

Though they elected a new majority in Congress, Americans did not vote for the special interests. They voted for jobs. Democrats remain committed to fighting for the people's interests, not the special interests.

While the election is over, the urgent needs of the American people remain. Over the past several days, I have spoken with my Democratic colleagues about where we go from here. I have heard from Americans across our country who are relying on us to continue our fight to create jobs, hopefully in a bipartisan way, and move our nation forward."
Pelosi's writing is clearly trite and full of derision.  Obviously, she never wanted to be in the position of having to listen to Republicans' (and the American people's) wishes.  This fact becomes all the more stark after reading just a one of her opening paragraphs (emphasis added):
"Democrats passed Wall Street reform to ensure that never again will the recklessness of some on Wall Street cause joblessness on Main Street. Our small business bill is now extending credit to small business owners so they can grow and hire. And we are committed to strengthening America's manufacturers — helping them with our "Make It in America" strategy, so our workers can make it in America. We made the largest investment in student aid in our nation's history, reducing the cost of loans to families and reducing the deficit. We achieved more progress over the last four years for our veterans and military families than any time since the passage of the original GI Bill in 1944. And we did all of this while restoring fiscal discipline to the Congress by making the pay-as-you-go rules the law of the land."
Democrats this, Pelosi that.  Obviously Ms. Pelosi hasn't learned to be the least humble, even after her party was crushed last week.
Only time will tell if Pelosi is serious about listening to Republicans, but if her record is any indication, she is not.

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Christie's Approval at 51%

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's approval ratings are not stratospheric but they're certainly healthy. A recent poll showed that the Governor, known for his attempts to balance the budget and to reform the state education system has a positive rating. The Quinnipiac polling service shows:

Positive: 51%
Negative: 38%
Other/und: 11%

According to the Quinnipiac polls the voters have differing opinions on his job performance:

  • 17 percent of New Jersey voters give Christie an A;
  • 31 percent give him a B;
  • 20 percent give him a C;
  • 16 percent give him a D;
  • 15 percent give him an F.
But voters, even Republicans do not want him to run for President just yet, believing that he's not experienced enough. The good news continues in the fact that he is more popular than the President.

Obama Ratings:

Approval: 46%
Disapproval: 50%
Other/und: 4%

So Christie's off to a good start-- and Obama appears to have fallen significantly.

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The positives of George W. Bush

Conservative columnist Michelle Malkin decided to celebrate the release of President George W. Bush's memoir with an column highlighting the negatives of his administration. Well, I would like to highlight the positives of George W. Bush, a man of high class, of great dignity, and of longstanding principles.
  1. President Bush's tax cutting policies increased government revenues, established the conditions that led to the creation of eight million jobs across the Nation, and reduced the unemployment rate to 4.4%.
  2. President Bush's leadership in the War on Terror cannot be forgotten: the Taliban are no longer in control of Afghanistan, Saddam Hussein is dead, and the Iraqi people are free at last to govern themselves.
  3. President Bush's Christianity led to the prohibition of all partial birth abortions, the defense of marriage, and the expenditure of almost $15 billion to fight the dreaded AIDS virus in poor African nations.
  4. President Bush's Conservatism led to the Judicial Nominations of Justice Samuel Alito, and Chief Justice John Roberts, both of whom are stalwarts of Constructionist realities on the bench.
President Bush was also a fierce defender of America's second amendment, of Israel's unquestionable right to exist, and of America's definite right to defend herself against all threats, regardless of consequence. Best of all, he believed in American exceptionalism, unlike our current President.

Huffington Post Libels Palin, Refuses to Change Story

Does this really surprise anyone?  Currently, the liberal psuedo-news site the Huffington Post has a gigantic picture of former VP candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and a 99 font size (and all capital letters) "GOTCHA" on the front of their website:
I would show the original size, but it would be too big for this website.

The picture, which intentionally tries to mock Palin, links to an article by the Huffington Post that states that Palin "misquoted" a story in the Wall Street Journal.  However, if you wade through the article and past the liberal slant, you would realize that Mrs. Palin is telling the truth.

If you read the article, Palin stated that food prices increased over the last year.  They did.  The HuffPo cries foul, saying that the prices didn't rise that much, but obviously their lies cannot hid the fact that Palin was correct.

Later in the story, it reports that Palin wrote this on her Facebook page:
"That's odd, because just last Thursday, November 4, I read an article in Mr. Reddy's own Wall Street Journal titled 'Food Sellers Grit Teeth, Raise Prices: Packagers and Supermarkets Pressured to Pass Along Rising Costs, Even as Consumers Pinch Pennies.'"
The HuffPo jumps on Palin, saying that she misread the article.  The problem is that this is the exact headline from the WSJ article:
Food Sellers Grit Teeth, Raise Prices
Packagers and Supermarkets Pressured to Pass Along Rising Costs, Even as Consumers Pinch Pennies
You know, that's odd... That's exactly what Mrs. Palin said.  It's almost like the Huffington Post is lying because they want to libel Mrs. Palin.  How odd.

And let's not forget what the point of the story in the WSJ was: that food prices have indeed risen and will most likely rise a great deal in the near future for consumers.  Not only that, but it includes this picture:
Chicken up 13%.  Milk up 10%.  Sugar up 9% and eggs up 7%.  Once again, Mrs. Palin is proved right beyond a shadow of a doubt, but the Huffington Post will have none of it.

Don't expect the Huffington Post to come clean or even change their story anytime soon.

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Daily Kos Founder Predicts GOP Will Play into Obama's Hands

I know that at this moment most people don't want to hear from Markos Moulitsas. However, it's always important to see where the next attack is coming from from the left and it appears that the Daily Kos founder is hoping that the Democrats will be able to co-opt the Republican Congress.

Of course, in his opinion piece in the Christian Science Monitor, he states that the election did not accept the GOP into Congress and whatever other excuses you've been hearing for the last week. He goes into the mushy rationale that the electorate was smaller and that things could change in 2012.

However, he also believes that the Democrats will be able to play the Republican Party in the Congress to make themselves look better:

Now, this new GOP-led House will make sure that nothing of note passes, and will try to gum up the works further with investigations into President Obama’s birth certificate and other such insanities. There’s nothing Democrats can do about that, but with power comes responsibility, and presumptive Speaker John Boehner will be under pressure to walk the line between the ideological purity his tea party base demands, and the pragmatism of governing. When he fails (and he will), Democrats need to be ready to pounce.

He's willfully ignoring Republican proposals to cut the deficit and make sure that there are not the large tax hikes planned for the end of the year. He's also assuming that the President can deflect all of the potential investigations, rather than actually cooperate in cutting the budget. It's wishful thinking, I know, but this will be the Left's plan of attack for at least the next year.

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Charles Krauthammer: GOP Civil War Exaggerated

He's the Hammer again explaining why the Democrats were wrong to bank on a Republican fratricidal fight.

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Monday, November 08, 2010

Conan O'Brien Premieres Tonight on TBS

Sure this is a political site, but sometimes you have to take time to acknowledge the world outside of a newspaper.  Specifically, late-night funnyman and all-around nice guy Conan O'Brien is premiering his new show tonight at 11pm.  After being booted from NBC, O'Brien is looking to dominate the ratings late at night.

As a long-time fan of O'Brien, I was disappointed in hearing that Max Weinberg would not be returning with him, but at least Andy Richter is coming back.
All-in-all, funny is coming back to late night.

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Left in Britain in Deep Denial

 The new Conservative government of Great Britain has been making hefty cuts into operating costs of the national government. While these Christie-style cuts are also coupled with tax increases, they appear to be shrinking the government's deficit and cutting off funds to recipients of welfare who don't work. But still, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, writing in the Independent, isn't too happy.

Our country is in the hands of dogmatist free-marketers who had the good fortune to come into power at a time of financial crisis and vulnerability when Britons feel lost. The mission is ideological – to demolish the principles and structures of the welfare state, including the humane idea of a shared and caring nation, where those who can support those who can't and even the minority who won't. I have paid taxes since 1975. Some of the money has gone to the "undeserving" indigent – so what? I know about privation. During desperate times, my mum lied to get loans and sometimes "forgot" to pay back neighbours. When the classes are divided by serious inequality, you do what you have to. The poor are castigated if they envy the rich, but the rich, it seems, can now freely express and enact the politics of resentment. 

This seems to sum up a lot of American politics, too.

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My Name’s America and I’m a Debt-a-holic

Anyone who’s walked down the twelve-step path or knows someone who has, which is almost everyone in America, has heard the saying, “Until you admit you have a problem there’s no hope for a cure.”

We, as America have a problem: we’re addicted to debt.  Now is not the time to point fingers.  This isn’t the time to figure out whose fault it is or when was the fatal binge that sent us over the line from recreational user to addict.  Now is the time to man-up, to admit we have a problem, and take the first steps toward recovery.  And I’m not talking about some over-priced, jazzed-up, Betty Ford type recovery “Program.” I mean real recovery.  This won’t happen overnight.  It won’t happen without fears and tears and soul-searching honesty as we look in the mirror and admit to ourselves, “We aren’t controlling the debt.  The debt is controlling us.”

Like many survivors of the Summer of Love, and the other social scams of the 1960s, when so many of we Boomers danced in lock-step like lemmings at mass festivals loudly proclaiming our induhvidualism while wearing identical tie-dyed shirts and patched-up jean uniforms, I found myself one day admitting I was addicted to something.  No longer could I pretend I was taking the formerly magical something for fun. I was ingesting something that was bad for my body, because if I didn’t I’d get sick.  My body, my mind, my soul had become addicted, and if I didn’t keep flying I was going to crash.  I had that realization.  Step-by-step I learned to walk on my own again.  Maybe you’ve never had that experience personally.  Hold on to your treasured memories of missing that degrading rite of passage, because we as a nation are about to hit the wall.

If we don’t sober up and take the cure ourselves one day soon our friendly local debt dealers are all going to get together and pull an intervention on us, and that will not be pretty.  The austerity you place upon yourself is easier to bear than the austerity placed on you by someone else.  If we don’t seize these last few moments of independence to stand up and say, “My name’s America and I’m a debt-a-holic” before we can print enough funny money to pay off our massive debts the countries holding that debt will cut us off and we’ll have to go through withdrawals cold-turkey.  Or worse yet, we may be so strung out on living beyond our means that we’ll agree to anything the debt dealers demand if only they’ll extend our credit for a few more days.  The borrower is slave to the lender and he who pays the piper calls the tune.

It’s easy to pick out all the pet projects of the opposition and say those are what caused us to go over the line.  If we’re truthful we will see that it wasn’t just entitlements it was providing garrison troops to maintain the peace around the world.  It wasn’t just tax cuts it was also spending.  Truthfulness is a required ingredient for this cure.  It won’t work if we just stop drinking, because dry drunks just find something else to fill the hole in their souls.  It won’t be good enough to kick the heroin of debt just to become strung out on the methadone of printing money.  We can’t just click our heels three times and say “I wish I was home” as Bernanke pumps out billions of increasingly worthless paper dollars.  We can’t start using our Discover Card after the shop keeper cuts up our MasterCard and our Visa.  

Some fear the cure will be worse than the disease.  Some are afraid to admit there’s a problem fearing there will be a stigma.  We’re past time to worry what the other countries down the block are going to say.  We cannot hesitate because we’re ashamed all the other countries will point at us on the UN playground and say behind phony smiles, “America couldn’t handle their budget and now they have to live within their means.”

We can’t let divisions divide us.  We must remember we are the UNITED States.  We have to realize we cannot remain anonymous buying our debilitating debt on the corner from dealers who’re laughing at us behind our backs.  We cannot continue spending like drunken sailors at the first port-of-call in six months and expect that there will be anything left for the kids.  We’re sacrificing our children at the altar of our own desires.  It’s time to admit that being generous with other people’s money isn’t generosity, its theft.  It’s also time to realize that if everyone demands what they want no one will get what they need.

Yes, this will mean hard choices.  Yes, this will mean that we all must roll-up our sleeves, tighten our belts, and go to work for the long haul.  But we’re America.  We can do this.  Instead of expecting our representatives to bring home the bacon let’s ask them to balance the budget no matter how that may gore our sacred cow.  Perhaps it’s time we remember to ask not what our country can do for us, but ask instead what we can do for our country.

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion for Southside Virginia Community College and History for the American Public University System.  http://drrobertowens.com © 2010 Robert R. Owens dr.owens@comcast.net Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook.

Marriage to be restored in New Hampshire

Traditional Marriage took a blow in 2009. Now it's time to fight back.

When the Legislature and Governor of New Hampshire legalized homosexual marriage in June of 2009, most expected a serious political backlash against the Democrats who rammed it down the collective throats of New Hampshire's Live Free or Die citizenry. However, few expected Republicans to gain both houses of the legislature in NH back, with almost four-to-one margins.

Republicans now control New Hampshire's lower house with 298 seats (out of 400), upper house with 19 seats (out of 24), and the supposedly pro-traditional marriage Democrat Governor John Lynch will sign whatever the legislature sends to him on marriage because he is without longstanding principle on the important topic.

I agree with the Conservative New Hampshire Union Leader that Republicans should deal with the financial crisis first: "Bringing those budgets into balance must be the most pressing and important goal of the new Legislature". But the sanctity of marriage must not be forgotten by the Republicans either.
New Hampshire State Flag
On January 1, 2008, same-sex civil unions were legalized in New Hampshire.  The following year, on June 3, 2009, same-sex marriages were legalized in the state, outraging those in favor of Traditional Marriage throughout the Untied States.

Homosexual marriage was also legalized in Maine during the 2009 Legislative session, but 53% of Maine citizens voted to repeal the law last November, and the citizens of Iowa voted out all three of the judges who legalized homosexual marriage in their State. Officials who bow to the altar of socialistic-secularism should be wary, regardless of what state they are from.

Granite State Republicans: balance the budget and restore marriage this year. Both are vital to this Nation in their own important functions.

Shazam! Election 2010

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Uh-oh: Keith Olbermann Set to Return Next Week

 Some sad news to report for all of those who thought that Keith Olbermann may finally be gone for good. NBC has announced that the putrid MSNBC host will have his suspension lifted and will return to television on Tuesday. We can take some solace in the fact that he lost several days' pay, but it appears that he is back and worse than ever.


From Phil Griffin, President of MSNBC:

After several days of deliberation and discussion, I have determined that suspending Keith through and including Monday night's program is an appropriate punishment for his violation of our policy. We look forward to having him back on the air Tuesday night.
Chances are he will be the same bombastic personality as usual and it was also reported that he was originally suspended for not apologizing on air. That makes perfect sense but putting him back on does not. Of course, he was originally under suspicion for donating to separate Democrats' campaigns even though he is contractually required not to.

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Check out the Snowbama Globes!

 Still looking for that perfect Christmas (or Midterm election) gift but nothing has yet caught your eye? Want to impress your Republican relatives or annoy your liberal neighbors or co-workers. Well, check out the Snowbama globes now available for under $20.

Check it out and put one on your desk next week!

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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Pelosi: We Put 'Convictions over Politics'

Nancy Pelosi will not be the Speaker of the House come January, but she's certainly telling everyone that she was one of the best in this nation's history. On Pelosi's website she chronicles why she's running for the House minority leader position, despite being one of the most disliked and divisive Democratic leaders.

She, of course, explains that the Congress 'saved' the economy and couches the Democratic 'accomplishments' with a supreme amount of spin. With her, they were able to rescue the economy through their 'productive' actions-- making them historic, too! Her site is filled with the ordinary liberal hackery but it appears that in her own method of clinging to power it has become particularly both interesting and sickening.

Furthermore, the San Francisco Congresswoman spends the next two paragraphs explaining that ObamaCare must be saved from the Republican onslaught and that she and the Democrats will work in a bipartisan way! Just like they have been for the last two years?

Wow. Can you wait until he moment that she is no longer Speaker of the House?

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Republicans gain big in New England statehouses.

New England was a mixed bag of nuts on election night: Democrats regained power in Connecticut and Vermont, while Republicans claimed Maine, and a former Republican United States Senator* seized Rhode Island running as an Independent. Two congressional seats were won over by Republicans in New Hampshire, and Democrats barely held on to several races in other states.

However, the results from Tuesday's election are lost unless you look at the legislative races held in all of the aforementioned states, and Massachusetts. Only then can you comprehend the political wave that brought Republicans back to prominence nationwide, and back to respectability in New England.


November 1st: 37 House Republicans (24%) & 12 Senate Republicans (33%).
November 3rd: 50 House Republicans (33%) & 12 Senate Republicans (33%).

Maine - GOP pickup of House & Senate.

November 1st: 55 House Republicans (35%) & 15 Senate Republicans (43%).
November 3rd: 77 House Republicans (51%) & 20 Senate Republicans (57%).


November 1st: 16 House Republicans (10%) & 5 Senate Republicans (12%).
November 3rd: 30 House Republicans (19%) & 4 Senate Republicans (10%).

New Hampshire - GOP pickup of House & Senate.

November 1st: 174 House Republicans (43%) & 10 Senate Republicans (41%).
November 3rd: 298 House Republicans (75%) & 19 Senate Republicans (79%).

Rhode Island

November 1st: 6 House Republicans (8%) & 4 Senate Republicans (11%).
November 3rd: 10 House Republicans (13%) & 8 Senate Republicans (22%).


November 1st: 48 House Republicans (32%) & 7 Senate Republicans (23%).
November 3rd: 48 House Republicans (32%) & 8 Senate Republicans (26%).

No-one can diminish those election results, especially in New Hampshire where Republicans now control 75% of both legislative houses.

Any thoughts?

* - Was endorsed by President Obama, or at least favored over the Democrat.

Vote in Our Poll: Who Do You Support for 2012?

This poll is an amalgam of those who are most likely to run. Chris Christie is not on this list because he has consistently denied running in 2012, so he may be a 2016 contender. All of the rest have either openly spoken about it or have been mentioned. If we forgot someone, please comment who you would support. I know that 2012 is two years away but for many it's too long of a wait!

Who Do You Support for the GOP Nomination?online surveys

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A Look at Obama's Approval Ratings

This is your roundup of the major polling of the President's approval ratings. We can see a small decline since Tuesday's elections, although it's not sure if this trend will continue. Even though economic growth is slowing, the addition of over 100,000 jobs in the latest job report may be taken credit for.

So let's take a look at some of the top pollsters:

Approve: 47%
Disapprove: 45%


Approve: 46%
Disapprove: 54%

All of the rest of the polling was done before the election, so it would be interesting to see where they will swing after the gravity of the midterms are factored in. In the Real Clear Polling average:

Approve: 45.7%
Disapprove: 49.4%

Keep a sharp eye out for this week's polling. It could drop Obama below 40%.

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Christie on The Delaware Senate Race

Keep it here at Pundit Press for all of your election needs!

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Pelosi: I'm Running for "Dem Leader" to 'Create Jobs,' to Save Obamacare

Out-going Democratic Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi announced Friday that she would run for Minority Leader in the House.  After the Tuesday drubbing that Democrats received, partially because of Pelosi, many wondered if she would run and if so, why.

While the question of "if" has been answered, Pelosi herself took to Twitter to explain why she is running, despite the fact that many House Democrats have spoken out against her.  According to Pelosi, she is "driven by the urgency of creating jobs & protecting" healthcare:
Though Pelosi has been the House Majority Leader since Democrats took the House in 2006, she is partially credited with destroying the majority that Democrats had for four years.  With a wave against incumbents, Pelosi is seen by many as the epitome of incompetence and establishment politics.

In fact, while many Democrats are against Pelosi, many Republicans are in favor of her retention of power in the House, stating that she will help Republicans to get elected.  Further, her pledge to "create jobs" may come to fruition...in the form of more Republican jobs in the House.

Many Democrats are fervently against Pelosi holding on to power:

In North Carolina, Democrat Larry Kissell stated that he hopes Pelosi "will change her mind and step aside."  Representative Joe Donnelly of Indiana has stated that he is "disappointed that Speaker Pelosi is going to seek the position of Minority Leader."  Representative Dan Boren of Oklahoma stated that Pelosi's bid is "very disappointing."  Representative Heath Shuler said he may even challenge Pelosi's bid.
How this will play out will be interesting to watch.

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1945 v. 2010

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Saturday, November 06, 2010

GOP Plans out Spending Cuts

And it's about time. Perhaps now we can step away from the abyss and start slashing spending like Governor Chris Christie is doing in New Jersey. Unfortunately, of course, the Democrats still hold the White House and the Senate, making cuts more difficult, but the new Republican plan is a start.

To make good on their campaign pledge to reduce the size of government, Republicans say they are planning a series of quick moves to slash spending soon after they take control of the House in January. Among the likely options: a massive rescissions package that aides said would slice 20 percent from most domestic agency budgets and enact $160 billion in additional cuts endorsed by visitors to Cantor's "YouCut" Web site.
Such a package would trim more than $260 billion from this year's $1.1 trillion budget for most government operations - the biggest one-year reduction at least since the military drawdown after World War II, budget experts said.

$260 billion is good, but it's almost a trillion dollars short!

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Grayson: I Was the Only Congressman that "Delivered," "If the People Want, I'll be Back"

Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson has finally lost to Republican challenger Daniel Webster.  In a campaign where Grayson publicly and shamefully lied constantly, called his opponent a terrorist, warned that people would resort to cannibalism if government spending was cut, and declared that he was ahead by 23 points, Grayson was utterly destroyed on Tuesday night.

However, if you thought Grayson was going quietly into the night, you thought wrong.  Grayson was on MSNBC (go figure) after his loss, bashing both Democrats and Republicans alike.  Asked a question by host Cenk Uygur, Grayson declared, "the center cannot hold."  Then he gave himself a nice pat on the back:

Grayson- "There is no center left.  Either you deliver for the people on your side or you're gone.  It's that simple.  And it's not enough for one Congressman from Central Florida in a purple district who won by four percent to be the one delivering."

See 6:40 for the exchange above:

Obviously, the 18 percent trouncing that Grayson received was not enough to make him humble.  It also appears that Grayson may be eying a seat at MSNBC, especially now that Keith Olbermann might have gotten the boot.

Also, according to Grayson's logic, if you do not deliver for your constituents, you are "gone."  But he also said that he was the only one to deliver.  Yet he is still gone.  It's almost like he's crazy or something...

Near the end of the interview, Grayson called Obama "crazy" for considering extending tax cuts.  At the very end, Grayson declared: "If that's what the people want, I'll be back."

Oh, and by the way, Daniel Webster won!  Grayson will be out in two short months.

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House Dems: 'No More Pelosi'

Hot off the heels of a historical defeat Tuesday night, out-going Democratic Majority Leader in the House Nancy Pelosi wants to run for Minority Leader.  Her fellow Democrats are not mincing words.  They say "no more."

Already, several House Democrats have spoken out vehemently against Pelosi, who many blame as part of the reason for the Democrats' pummeling four days ago.

In North Carolina, Democrat Larry Kissell stated that he hopes Pelosi "will change her mind and step aside."  Representative Joe Donnelly of Indiana has stated that he is "disappointed that Speaker Pelosi is going to seek the position of Minority Leader."  Representative Dan Boren of Oklahoma stated that Pelosi's bid is "very disappointing."  Representative Heath Shuler said he may even challenge Pelosi's bid.

With many against Pelosi, it is hard to understand why she is pushing on.  Yet even these Representatives do not comprise the entirety of Democrats against Pelosi in the House.  Even hardened supporters of Pelosi, ones who voted with her near or at 100%, want her out of power.
Democrat Albio Sires of New Jersey admonished Pelosi, saying she didn't "know when to move on."  "I voted for everything she asked me to vote for.  You know, sometimes in this business it's difficult to know when to move on," he stated.

Pelosi, however, has stood tall against opposition in her own party, saying that Democrats had "urged" her to run for Minority Leader.  "We have no intention of allowing our great achievements to be rolled back," she stated.

Surely this will be interesting to see how this unfolds, but there is one definite truth that can be gleaned out of all this: the American people aren't the only people who want Pelosi out of power.

Oh, an just to point this out, but this is exactly what I predicted would happen.  See the article here.

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Decision Points is to be released Tuesday

President George W. Bush's memoir, Decision Points, will be released Tuesday morning in book stores across the United States. No-one can predict for sure how many Americans will purchase a copy, but considering the publisher has already printed 1.5 million books, someone must have very high expectations.
I will be purchasing the book early Tuesday, and I hope that you will too.

Friday, November 05, 2010

White House: Emanuel to Blame for Tuesday Electoral Disaster

On Tuesday, Democrats lost more than 60 House seats and over half-a-dozen Senate seats in a historical election.  Most analysts and people blame the President and/or the policies that were pursued in the last few years by Democrats.  The White House has another idea: it's all Rahm Emanuel's fault.

Emanuel was President Obama's Chief of Staff before he resigned slightly over a month ago to run for mayor in Chicago.  Sources inside the White House blame Emanuel for devising a strategy for the Democrats this election cycle that failed.  It was exacerbated, they say, when he left for Chicago:
“It was Rahm’s strategy and then he leaves a month before the election for his own personal political career. It’s extraordinary.”
On top of it all, some of the President's aides also say that Emanuel's departure has lasting effects, blaming him already if things go south for the Administration in coming months.  They say that Obama cannot "orchestrate a dramatic staff shakeup" without Emanuel:
"They argue his exit deprived the president of the chance to orchestrate a dramatic staff shakeup in the wake of the poor election results. Instead, a new chief of staff—the low-key Pete Rouse—is already in place, while other aides have long held plans to leave at the two-year mark."
Since President Obama is indeed the President, one would have to wonder why he doesn't just do the "shakeup" himself.
Obviously, the White House is almost definitely not going to blame itself for Democrats' defeat on Tuesday.  Likewise, Emanuel's staff dismisses that he was at fault for the Democrats' collapse and responded to allegations that he left early to avoid being blamed:
“The timing of Rahm's departure from the White House was based on two factors: Mayor Daley’s announcement that he would not seek reelection and Rahm’s desire to go to every corner of Chicago to have a conversation with voters about the challenges the city faces and the plan for its future.”
Emanuel has not responded directly to the White House.

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Sarah Palin Invaded His Sense of Privacy

This is almost too much to bear. Evidently Joe Mcginniss is upset that TLC has unlawfully videotaped him. Evidently, the show "contains unauthorized videotaped images of Mr. McGinniss which were obtained without his knowledge or consent". Oh, the humanity! Say it isn't so! Is this the best the left can come up with to take out the Saracuda?

Mr. McGinniss was not asked if any production crew could videotape him as he read a book on the secluded deck of the house he was living in at that time. He was not aware that any camera crew was in fact videotaping him. Mr. McGinniss had a reasonable expectation of privacy under those circumstances. The mere taking of the video therefore gives rise to an actionable claim for invasion of his privacy. The publication of the video on your website and in the television show constitutes an additional wrong – the unauthorized use of the likeness of Mr. McGinniss. Finally, the manner in which Ms. Palin describes Mr. McGinniss in the episode is defamatory: Mr. McGinniss has never invaded the Palins’ privacy, contrary to the many statements made by Ms. Palin and her husband, both prior to this television production, and now repeated in the episode referenced above.

DEMAND IS HEREBY MADE upon each of you that all images of Mr. McGinniss be removed from any television show produced by any of you, and removed from any website controlled or operated by any of you. If you do not do so, Mr. McGinniss will be forced to pursue all his available remedies.

I have never been sold on Palin, but this helps to sell me. If for no other reason, than to see progressive heads explode!

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Muslim Sues Oklahoma, Says Sharia Should be Allowed to Dictate Laws

The United States relies on one rule of law to rule its country: its own.  Knowing that, Oklahoma voters passed "Question 755" on election day, which disallowed Sharia Law from being considered when a trial goes to court, and disallows Sharia Law to be considered in other matters.

However, Muneer Awad, the executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Oklahoma, does not agree with that ruling.  Muneer is now suing the state of Oklahoma, saying that the measure is not only unconstitutional, but unnecessary and that this is just another example of the United States trying to oppress Muslims.

Those in favor of the law cite a case in New Jersey in which a judge struck down a restraining order that a Muslim woman had filed.  Even though the woman was raped, the judge stated that "her ex-husband felt he had behaved according to his Muslim beliefs" and therefore did not grant the restraining order.  Proponents of the law state that they are trying to prevent cases like these.

However, Muneer assures Oklahomans that there is no "threat of an Islamic takeover of state courts."  He also states that Oklahoma is singling out Islam.  Therefore, not allowing Sharia to dictate law is against his First Amendment rights.  I'm not exactly sure how that logic works, but I guess it makes sense to him.
Seventy percent of Oklahomans voted in favor of the law on Tuesday.

Apparently, Muneer does not understand that he is living in the United States of America and that no specific religion makes laws.  He also apparently believes that women who are raped should not any legal rights, so long as the person raping her believes he is allowed to by the Koran.

Obviously, the case will probably be thrown out in court.

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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Colorado Senate Results.

Appointed Democrat Senator Michael Bennet will hold onto his Senate seat in Colorado. The New York Times has called it, and all votes have been counted from Conservative precincts, with only the extreme liberal bastion of Boulder leftover. This is one of those seats we were leading just one week ago, and lost.

Michael Bennet* (D) - 799,072 - 47.7%.
Kenneth Buck (R) - 783,426 - 46.8%.
Bob Kinsey (G) - 36,323 - 2.2%.
Maclyn Stringer (L) - 20,979 - 1.3%.

Republicans did win back the Colorado State Legislature, and two House seats.

Pelosi on How She Ran House: "No Regrets," Obama will "Serve Eight Years"

Disgraced Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will be losing her seat come January, as Republicans will be sworn in.  Her four years as Speaker were marked by sweeping corruption and legislative stagnation.

Despite all of this, however, Ms. Pelosi now states that she has "no regrets" on how she ran the House.  Despite the fact that since she and her fellow Democrats took control of Congress the unemployment rate has doubled and we are in a recession, Pelosi is proud of what she "accomplished:"
"We believe we did the right thing, and we worked very hard in our campaigns to convey that to the American people."
Even more surprising is simply how out of touch the soon-to-be-Former-Speaker-of-the-House truly is.  In response to why Democrats were soundly beaten on Tuesday, Pelosi defended her and the President's agenda, stating that the "message" voters sent to her and the President, "was not. 'I reject the course that you are on.'"

Obviously Ms. Pelosi has not been in the country, nor this universe, for the last two years.  She went on to say, "I believe that Barack Obama will serve -- serve eight years as president of the United States." Give me a break.

Here's the interview:

And she wonders why she was stripped of her power.  January cannot come fast enough.

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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

House 2010 Results

Everyone expected the Grand Old Party (possible new name: Grand Renewed Party?) to pick up the House of Representatives, but when you break down the numbers there is only one conclusion: Republicans had their best election night since 1946, and possibly before (think 1938).

House Republicans gained over 60 seats yesterday. We only managed to gain 54 seats in the 1994 GOP revolution, a slightly better 55 seats in the 1946 GOP resurgence. To see when the GOP last won 60 seats or more in an election you will have to travel back in time to 1938 when the GOP picked up 81 seats, which was the last election we gained more than 54-55 seats in one vote. Until now.

As it stands...

House Republicans control 239 (was 178) seats.
House Democrats control 185 (was 257) seats.
With eleven seats still undecided (5/6 leaning).
With several races within 2,000 votes of one-another (California's 11th between David Harmer and Jerry McNerney are separated by just 33 votes), and several with precincts that still have not reported in to (Washington's 2nd between John Koster and Rick Larsen are waiting for about 36% of Precincts to report) their local Board of Elections, we could be waiting a long time for the undecided seats to resolve themselves.

It's a good day to be a Republican, even though we lost three seats (Delaware at-large, Hawaii's 2nd district, and Louisiana's 2nd district) that were ours heading into the evening, and we lost a few more because of third party Libertarian candidates who split the rightwing vote with solid Conservative Republicans prone to victory.

Stay tuned for further Pundit Press post-election coverage and analysis.

Final Murkowski vs. Miller Results.

With 99% of Precincts reporting this morning, Incumbent Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski (running as a write-in candidate) has received enough votes to win her second complete term in the Senate:

Sen. Murkowski (Write-In) - 41.0%.
Joe Miller (Republican) - 34.2%.
Scott McAdams (Democrats) - 23.7%.

Murkowski is the first Senator since Strom Thurmond (R) to win reelection via write-in bid. She will hopefully caucus with the Republicans.

A recount is almost assured.

Nancy Pelosi Election

In a year that Republicans made historical gains in both the House and Senate, it behooves us to look at the effect it will have on the higher-ups.  Nancy Pelosi is the current Speaker of the House, who became such in 2007 and I'll take a look at her first.

Democrats lost control of the House to Republicans yesterday and the January inauguration will usher them into power.  Though a fellow writer for this blog supposed that Ms. Pelosi could potentially lose all her clout in the Democratic Party, I believe that this will probably not happen.

Though it is possible that she will lose all of her "power," I would not be surprised if she retained a leadership positions.  Do not forget that it has been Democratic scripture that Bush is at fault for everything in the last 10 years.  What would prevent them from blaming their election loss on our 43rd President as well?  I mean, they've even blamed natural disasters on him; it is not a stretch of the imagination that they'd cook up something crazy.

Either way, expect Pelosi to take time out of Congress's busy schedule to tout all of the "success" she had as Speaker of the House.

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Grayson: I am "Legendary"

Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson has finally lost to Republican challenger Daniel Webster.  In a campaign where Grayson publicly and shamefully lied constantly, called his opponent a terrorist, warned that people would resort to cannibalism if government spending was cut, and declared that he was ahead by 23 points, Grayson was utterly destroyed last night.

Webster defeated Grayson soundly, gaining 56.2% of the vote to Grayson's paltry 38.2% of the vote.  That is 18 points and it is a landslide.

But on a night where House Democrats were repudiated nation-wide, Grayson was not one to go down easily nor be humbled.  Disregarding why he lost, favoring to pump himself up after getting dismantled in the election, Grayson gave one of the most self-centered and rambling concession speeches in United States history.

Stumbling up to the microphone, Grayson spoke:

Grayson- "Before we won in 2008, the Democrats had lost this seat 17 times in-a-row.  This is a gerrymander district designed for a Republican, and in 2008 we won by only four points.  So it should come as no surprise, in a year with a Republican wave, or tsunami, or earthquake, whatever you want to call it, sweeping across the country, it should come as no surprise that we were not successful today.  However, our victory in 2008 was and always will be legendary."

Those who wanted Grayson to be humbled and admit that he is a loser were sadly disappointed.  Apparently, Grayson is so in love with himself, that even in the face of utter defeat, he still talks about how great he is.
"Our victory in 2008 was and always will be legendary?"  How about, 'I got destroyed last night because everyone knows that I'm a nut.'

Unless Grayson gets his own show on MSNBC or CNN (which both have a tendency to give shows to disgraced liberals), hopefully we will never have to hear from this loser again.

All the best to Daniel Webster and congratulations!

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Prop 19 Results

California's bid to legalize marijuana has failed by a notable margin.  However, even if it passed, the Federal government could have still declared the decision illegal.  Either way, Prop 19 was doomed to fail.

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Final Krik vs. Giannoulias Results

With 99.3% of the vote in this morning, Republican challenger Mark Kirk has beaten Democrat Alexi Giannoulias in Illinois:

Kirk: 1,749,941 votes, 48.4%
Giannoulias: 1,667,527 votes, 46.1%

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Final Illinois Senate Results

With 99.3% of the vote in this morning, Republican challenger Mark Kirk has beaten Democrat Alexi Giannoulias in Illinois:

Kirk: 1,749,941 votes, 48.4%
Giannoulias: 1,667,527 votes, 46.1%

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Final Toomey vs, Sestak Results

With 99.4% of the vote in this morning, Republican challenger Pat Toomey has beaten Democrat Joe Sestak in Pennsylvania:

Toomey: 1,994,737 votes, 51.0%
Sestak: 1,915,577 votes, 49.0%

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Final Pennsylvania Senate Result

With 99.4% of the vote in this morning, Republican challenger Pat Toomey has beaten Democrat Joe Sestak in Pennsylvania:

Toomey: 1,994,737 votes, 51.0%
Sestak: 1,915,577 votes, 49.0%

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Final Raese vs. Manchin Results

With 99.9% of the vote in this morning, Republican challenger John Raese has lost to Democrat Joe Manchin in West Virginia:

Manchin: 280,802 votes, 53.5%
Raese: 228,037 votes, 43.4%

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