Monday, November 22, 2010

Sen. Dodd Tweets: "U Love Torturing Me w this Sh*t"

It boggles my mind sometimes how people can forget that everyone can see what they write on the social networking site Twitter.  More, I'm shocked at how people with thousands of followers can curse and not realize that it could be controversial.  The newest culprit to forget these things: Democrat Senator Chris Dodd.

Dodd, who has had a Twitter account for over a year and who has over 700 tweets, apparently forgot what he was doing late last week, as he used the S-word in a tweet.  The post was quickly removed, but some quick internet users got a shot of what Dodd wrote before he took it down.  Here is a cleaned up version of Dodd's post:
The Dodd staff quickly removed the tweet and released a statement in which it stated that Dodd himself did not write the actual post:
“Due to a technical mistake, a message was inadvertently sent from Senator Dodd’s twitter account. Senator Dodd did not send the message. We have corrected the situation and apologize to his followers for the mistake and inappropriate language used in the message.”
However, it has been posited that Dodd did indeed write the actual tweet, as it was sent via text (notice that the message says "via txt" underneath the main writing).  Yet, when the staff retracted the tweet, it was from the web, which means that different people posted the tweet and removed it.
Dodd: Apparently being tortured with feces
Furthermore, the actual tweet that stated that Dodd did not write the previous message was clearly marked "From Dodd Staff:"
Occasional previous tweets would stated "from staff," suggesting that Dodd did indeed write the infamous tweet.

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