Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gathering around to watch Detroit......

One of the highlights on Thanksgiving day is gathering around the television to watch football with all of your family. Until you realize the Lions are still in the League, even though Commissioner Goodell promised to improve professional football during his tenure, which has obviously failed.

The Lions have played on every Thanksgiving since 1934 (with the exception of 1941-44) and in some cases have actually defeated the visiting team; though the last time that actually occurred was back in 2003 against the Green Bay Packers when quarteback Brett Farve was in his prime. They have lost every game since 2003 by a margin of eleven to thirty-seven points.

So what are the odds of Detroit winning this Thanksgiving?

Slim. The 8-2 New England Patriots are coming to town after beating their rivals on Sunday evening, and to be honest the Detroit Lions only chance of not losing is if President Obama pardons them before they suffer another humilating loss.

Another wasted three hour time slot on Thanksgiving day.


  1. I don't think it's a chemical in turkey that makes us fall asleep on Thanksgiving. It's the damn Lions.

  2. That's for damn sure! There is a reason I skip all NFL games until either Dallas later in the day, or the night game - which this year my NY Jets are playing in.