Thursday, November 25, 2010

Best Electronics Deals on Black Friday

Yes, this is a political site, but like millions of Americans, tomorrow morning I will be leaving before the sun rises to try and catch the best sales of the year.  Therefore, I figure that it wouldn't hurt to take a look at the best sales that are happening Friday morning.  Here are the best sales that I have seen so far:

Best Laptop Deals:

Best Buy has a great deal on a Toshiba laptop:
15.6" Display / 3GB Memory / 320GB Hard Drive for only $189.99.  That is an outstanding price.

Wal Mart has a similar deal on an eMachines laptop, but it isn't as good:
15.6" Display / 2GB Memory / 250GB Hard Drive for only $198.99.  Very good deal, but not as good as Best Buy.

Best HDTV Deals:

Wal Mart comes out near the top with an outstandingly priced Plasma HDTV:
Sanyo- 50"/ 720p / 600 Hz for only $500.  The fact that it is Plasma (as opposed to LCD) and only 720p (instead of the better 1080p) is outweighed by the amazing price.

Target has an excellent deal on an LCD HDTV:
Westinghouse- 40"/ 1080p / 60 Hz for $298.  60Hz is a little low, but last year televisions at 32" were around $300, so this price is great.

Best Buy has a great deal on another Plasma HDTV:
Panasonic - VIERA / 50" Class / 1080p / 600Hz / Plasma HDTV for $700.  The Plasma factor hurts, but Panasonic (an excellent brand) and a 1080p resolution make this television a superb buy.

Best Blu-ray Player Deals:

Target has a low-priced Sony (excellent brand) Blu-ray player for only $99.

Not to be outdone, Best Buy has a great deal on a Toshiba (good brand) Blu-ray player: $59.99.

And don't forget about, they always have good deals on Black Friday.  However, the best ones there will come on Monday.

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