Friday, October 01, 2010

Environmentalist Commercial: If You Don't Cut Emissions, Children Will EXPLODE

You may not believe this, but some environmentalists are insane.  Take this utterly crazy video for example, which shows school children who do not cut their "carbon emissions" by at least 10% literally exploding:

Now, there are several problems with this commercial, most of which I'm sure you don't need me to point out.
  1. People who do not cut their "carbon footprints" will not explode into a pool of blood.
  2. It is disgusting and vile to show 10-year-olds exploding.
  3. The people who produced this commercial are completely nuts.
  4. Commercials like these will only hurt their causes in the long run.
This is almost as bad as another environmentalist commercial, in which polar bears fell hundreds of stories to their death because people were using airplanes:

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  1. What a bunch of morons. How could they think something like this could help their cause?

  2. They may say this is just humor but environuts really are misanthropic fascists at heart.

  3. Terrible...has nothing to do with the cause, it just turns people off from caring about environmental issues! Give people the facts, that's what will change peoples minds...