Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Big Scandal!

The gentleman at Hillbuzz have a working theory regarding a Big Scandal about to erupt within the Democratic Party that would dwarf Nixon's Watergate scandal.

Based on "insider information", hillbuzz attempts to decipher the clues and connect the dots:

So, if there is a “Big Scandal” it is most likely related to someone out there being ingenious enough to connect all the various scams and schemes this cast of characters was engaged in…and present it in a way that the public understands…with all the crimes, graft, bribes, and pay-to-play corruption pointing right to Obama himself.

It is an incredibly entertaining read as is all of their work. Almost like a train of thought exercise entangled in a web of intrigue so obscene you wouldn't see at the movies.

If you don't read Hillbuzz, you should!

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