Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Repub. Buck Expands Lead in Colorado Senate Race

Republican Ken Buck holds a four point lead over incumbent Democrat Senator Michael Bennett, according to our nation's most accurate polling system.  Rasmussen Reports has Buck with 49% and Bennett with 45%.

Though a near-statistical tie, the retaining of a four point lead bodes well for Buck.  An earlier poll by Rasmussen showed Buck with a three point lead over Bennett, 47-44%.  This means that Buck's lead is both expanding and is nearing the unbeatable mark of 50%.
Considering that then-Senator Obama won Colorado handily in 2008, Buck's lead in the polls is a stark difference.  On top of that is the fact that Bennett is an incumbent, who normally benefit from perks and name recognition in the general election.

Rasmussen goes on to say
In matchups since March, Buck has earned 44% to 49% of the vote, while Bennet has picked up 38% to 45% support.
Looking at these numbers, it is clear that Buck could be potentially playing with a big lead (as big as 49-38) while if everything goes right for Bennett, he would have a one point lead (45-44) over Buck.

With Republicans poised to make large gains in both the Senate and the House, a win in Colorado would bring them one step closer to controlling Congress.  A conservative candidate, Buck is looking good to many voters tired with the status quo.

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