Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rasmussen: O'Donnell Still Trails.

The most touted poll before the Delaware primary was out of Rasmussen Reports, a right-leaning firm that is well respected for the accuracy of their polling data, and it showed Ms.O'Donnell 11 points behind Chris Coons in the general election. But 17% of voters were still undecided, and could go one way or another.

September 2, 2010 Rasmussen Reports poll:
Christopher Coons (D) - 47%.
Christine O'Donnell (R) - 36%.
Some Other Candidate - 8%.
Not sure/Undecided - 9%.

Perhaps those who disregarded the aforementioned polling data should have read between the lines. As a new poll out of Rasmussen still has Ms.O'Donnell trailing by 11%, but this time the voters have made up their mind. Please note the percentage of voters who are no longer undecided.

September 15, 2010 Rasmussen Reports poll:
Christopher Coons (D) - 53%.
Christine O'Donnell (R) - 42%.
Some Other Candidate - 1%.
Not sure/Undecided - 4%.

Unless a major Chris Coons scandal erupts in the coming weeks, I don't see a path for a Christine O'Donnell victory in Delaware. And I say that with regret.

Note: Public Policy Polling had Ms.O'Donnell trailing by 16% yesterday.


  1. Don't worry, give it tiiiiiime. Democrats and Establishment RINO's, we're coming for youuuuuuuu.

  2. Nobody thought she could win the primary until the very end. Nobody thought Miller would win. Nobody thought Bennett would lose in UT. If she does lose, I'd rather have the democrat in there to screw it up further than that hack Castle.

  3. That's what campaigns are for. The people of Delaware know only what the MSM have told them about Coons. They have a lot to learn about this self-described Marxist who wants to dismantle the American economy even more than obama already has.