Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Primaries Show Conservatism on the Rise in Republican Party

In a year where the average citizen is pushing for conservative candidates, this past Tuesday's Republican primary results show just how strong that sentiment is.  Established "favorites" Mike Castle in Delaware's Senate race and Rick Lazio in New York's gubernatorial race were trounced by more conservative candidates.  The same is true was Wisconsin and the race in New Hampshire.

In Delaware, conservative Republican Christine O'Donnell came from a large pre-election cycle deficit to defeat Castle by over 6%.  Polls just before the election had here receiving 47% of the vote.  When all was said and done, she had gotten 53.1% of the vote to Castle's 46.9%.
In New York, pre-election polls had Rick Lazio with a slight lead over the more conservative Carl Paladino.  When the election came, the results were much different.  With 86.1% of the precincts voting, Paladino has garnered over 60% of the vote to Lazio's 37.1%.  This is an utter landslide.

With a media that has stated several times that there is "no trend" in this year's election cycle, one is (as has been) showing: conservatives are getting the nod in the Republican party.

In New Hampshire, Palin-backed Kelly Ayotte and tea party favorite Ovide Lamontagne are in close contention, with both only separated by .5% in their Senate primary.  To Republicans, both seem conservative and their incredibly close race seems to be another example of more right-leaning candidates winning out.

In Wisconsin's gubernatorial race, Scott Walker won in a landslide, beating his nearest opponent by almost 20%.  His main campaign message: frugality.  Another conservative, another victory.
In a year that seems to be pointing towards a major Republican gain in the House and Senate, it seems very likely that Congress will be much more conservative come January.

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