Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Michael Castle vs. Biden/Kaufman.

Here are the two US Senator's that Michael Castle and Christine O'Donnell are fighting to replace in Delaware this afternoon.

From the American Conservative Union:

Ted Kaufman (2009) - 4% Conservative rating.
Joseph Biden (2007) - 4% Conservative rating.

From the Open Congress website:

Ted Kaufman - Votes with Democrat Party 97% of the time.
Joseph Biden - Voted with Democrat Party 100% of the time.

Senator Kaufman and then Senator Biden have voting records that would make Hillary Clinton blush. Both represent the liberalist of liberal positions/stances over the past four decades. How about Congressman Castle? What is his voting record?

From the American Conservative Union:

Michael Castle (2009 votes) - 56% Conservative rating.
Michael Castle (1993-2009) - 52% Conservative rating.

From the Open Congress website:

Michael Castle - Votes with Republican Party 88% of the time.

OK. We know that Ms.O'Donnell cannot win in Delaware, and we also know that Michael Castle can win in Delaware. Now there have been a few suggestions that Castle would be just as liberal as Biden or Kaufman if he is elected to the United States Senate. If we could just be honest for a few seconds, we can do what a few others (more like everyone) have not done - compare the records.

If Castle is elected: He'll vote 85-88% more with the GOP than Kaufman/Biden, and he'll vote 48% more Conservatively than Kaufman/Biden (especially when the vote on Senate Majority Leader comes up again in January of 2011).

Who should we vote for in Delaware today:

55% Conservatism (Castle), or 4% Conservatism (Coons via O'Donnell)?

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