Friday, September 17, 2010

Johnson Takes Big Lead in Wisconsin

For months the Wisconsin Senatorial election has been deadlocked between Democratic Senator Russ Feingold, and Republican businessman Ron Johnson. Basically the polling data has had Ron Johnson leading by one point, which is statistically meaningless. However, a brand new poll could shift Wisconsin into the "Lean Republican" category for the rest of the general election.

Rasmussen Survey of 750 Likely Voters:
Ron Johnson - 51%.
Sen. Feingold - 44%.
Someone else - 1%.
"Undecided" - 4%.

Johnson is obviously enjoying a big boost from his Republican Primary win on Tuesday, when he won the Nomination with 84% of the vote. This polling data also represents the first time in a Rasmussen Reports poll that either candidate has reached the coveted "50% mark," which bodes well for Mr.Johnson, a pure political novice.
Perhaps Republican control of the Senate is still feasible.

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