Monday, September 20, 2010

Is Paladino Closing the Gap?

Question of the day: Is Carl Paladino closing the gap with Andrew Cuomo in New York's soon to be held Gubernatorial election? Answer of the day: According to a new poll out of Rasmussen, a polling firm that I deeply trust, Paladino has cut Cuomo's lead down from 29 points to 16, the smallest lead Cuomo has ever had against Paladino.

Rasmussen Survey of 500 Likely New York Voters:
Andrew Cuomo (D, I, WF) - 54%.
Carl Paladino (R, TP) - 38%.
Some Other Candidate - 2%.
Undecided/Not Sure - 6%.

Apparently the "Mad as Hell" mantra is winning votes for Mr.Paladino, who is running in a State that should have anti-Democrat sympathies after the horrific two Governor's we have just endured: one was a complete whore, and the other is completely incompetent. But both were the result of the 2006 election when the voters elected Eliot Spitzer with close to 70% of the vote.

I was unsure of Mr.Paladino just a few days ago, but he might actually turn into a feasible candidate, even though he's personally intolerable.

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  1. "Personally intolerable"? He's a plain spoken truth teller.