Thursday, September 23, 2010

GOProud Endorses Sean Bielat

I have said this before, and will say it again, there is a movement going on. The "first followers" are making their voices heard.

GOProud is a group that represents gay conservatives and their allies. And they aren't the only ones to endorse Sean Bielat and the conservative cause. The gentlemen at Gay Patriot have been making mincemeat of Barney Frank and speaking passionately as to how Conservatism represents their interests and the nations. The Boys and Chrissy at Hillbuzz are more than passionate in the defense of Sarah Palin and eviscerating in their analysis of President Obama and his administration.

“We believe strongly that the best thing we can do to protect the jobs of gay workers isn’t to pass new federal laws, but instead to fire one of the men responsible for the financial meltdown that cost millions of Americans their jobs GOProud is strongly committed to doing whatever is necessary to help fire Barney Frank!”

This is remarkable a remarkable phenomenon and is not isolated in the gay community and will play a role in the coming elections.
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  1. Sean Bielat opposes equal marriage and supports DADT, so I cannot imagine that any gay people would support him except GOProud and GayPatriot.