Friday, September 17, 2010

Data: Liberal Websites' Readership Drastically Down

Apparently it's not liberal Democrats who are feeling the pain.  According to data from Alexa, which ranks website popularity, the average rank of liberal websites have severely descended over the last three months.

Sites like,,, and the formerly conservative have seen precipitous drops in readership as well as ranking.  Alexa takes several factors into account when ranking websites, including links and the ability of a site to generate buzz.  However, the number one factor by far is readership.  It then takes the 3-month average of the site and assigns it a "rank" based on its performance.  Google is number 1, and the greater your number, the smaller your website is.

Little Green Footballs's drop is by far the most stark, as it has lost over 11,000 spots in the last three months alone and is now a lowly 47,342 (click on the pictures for much better quality):
In fact, if you look closely, LGF has been doing so poorly that even though its 7 day ranking is 50,291 (which is still lower than what it is now), Alexa shows that it has improved by 23,193 spaces.  In other words, before this past week, the traffic rank that Little Green Footballs was getting was well into the mid 70,000s.

Next is the psuedo-news site MSNBC.  If the beating they were taking in the TV ratings wasn't enough, they're shedding people on line as well:

Not only is MSNBC down 255 spots (which, as you get higher, means a tremendous amount of traffic), but in August they almost dipped underneath 6,000.  Their current rank is 2,882.  To put that into perspective, the Drudge Report is ranked number 426 in the world and in the last three months its ranking has improved.

The Daily Kos, known for being a liberal site and its crazy founder, has also fallen precipitously in ranking, dropping nearly one thousand spots to number 4,755:
If you look closely, you can see a clear trend of the site decreasing in size and rank.  Also, Daily Kos is also headstrong enough to have Site Meter on the bottom of their website.  Here's their monthly traffic over the last year (I added the arrow):

Last, but possibly least, is Democratic Underground, which has dropped over 1,500 places to number 7,415 over the last three months:
Not only are Democratic Underground and the Daily Kos down in readership, but Free Republic, their chief conservative rival, is now larger than both sites at rank 4,288.

The conservative Instapundit has risen over 1,300 spots in the last three months.  Hot Air, another conservative website, has also increased according to Alexa. has also risen, jumping over 1,000 spots.

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  1. The sites are like the Dems' chances in November: down and hopeless

  2. I didn't know liberals could read. Thanks for pointing this out. The real question is are they capable of lucid thought. If they are, they should ban the sale of razor blades. It's over. Thanks, J.C.