Sunday, September 19, 2010

Conservatism Wins in Sweden

In Australia - Conservatives almost regained control.
In England - Conservatives regained control.
In Germany - Conservatives retained control.
And in Sweden - Conservatives have retained control.

Conservatism is sweeping the globe like never before. Right wing governments, whether they be through one party or one coalition, are taking root across all of Europe. I am hopeful that the same Conservative sweep will occur in America as well.

As for Sweden's just concluded election:

Total Alliance (government) - 172 seats.
Total Red Green (opposition) - 157 seats.
Sweden Democrats (new party) - 20 seats.

Prime Minister Reinfeldt (Total Alliance) should remain in power, but we shall see what happens in the coming week (the full election results will be known on Wednesday). The really good news is that the Prime Minister is well known for cutting tax rates and government dependencies, an ally we should appreciate in the coming years as America tightens her own fiscal belt.


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  1. way to go Europe. In America we will throw out the progressives in congress and hopefully the senate. We will throw out the Marxist in the white house in 1012.

  2. I don't think Europe means to throw out the left leaning governments, which are avowed socialists by American standards, but they have to. I still can't believe it, but people have always known 1 side will raise spending, the other will stop it and most have selected the spender......unreal.