Monday, February 06, 2012

Romney Wins Nevada Big

With 89% of precincts reporting, I guess it's officially safe to say Mitt Romney has not only won the Nevada Caucuses, but has done so in stunning fashion: 50% of caucusgoers supported his campaign, while he defeated his next closest opponents by nearly 30% (29 points over Gingrich; 31 over Paul).

Those numbers could still improve, because even though it's early Monday morning - Clark County has still not reported all precints.

Romney - 15,033 - 50%.
Gingrich - 6,463 - 21%.
Ron Paul - 5,611 - 19%.
Santorum - 3,133 - 10%.

This is the second straight double-digit victory and majority/near majority share for Romney, which makes me smile considering the idiotic rhetoric that he couldn't win a majority in the primary season, although no-one brought that up when John McCain didn't get his first majority until Super Tuesday.

The next couple of contests (Colorado, Maine, Minnesota and Missouri) are basically meaningless to every candidate because no delegates are awarded in them, which wont happen again until February 28th, when the Romney-solid states of Arizona and Michigan head to the polls.

What say you?

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  1. did not Romney win Nevada in 2008 with a bigger % of the vote and a larger turn out? might there be an enthusiasm gap here?. He may well win the nomination, but he is a mere office manager not, in my opinion, the leader this country is crying out for. Mind you he is a lot,lot better than the present incumbent. James