Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gary Busey Endorses Gingrich

HT: The Hollywood Reporter

In Gingrich's battle for the Republican nomination, endorsements are going to be critical for the former Speaker in regards to fundraising and even get-out-the-vote efforts in early states, but I doubt his latest endorser will receive much facetime from the campaign, or even be recognized as an endorser for good reason.

The endorser? Gary Busey.

Apparently, at a party this past weekend, he said that he would be endorsing Newt for the nomination, and when asked if he was a Republican replied "I'm a Texan." He also said that he likes Mr. Perry, but that he doesn't belong in the race, and obviously wouldn't be supporting his fellow Texan.

I'm not sure how the Gingrich campaign should respond, but it would probably be best for them to say nothing about the actor and play dumb if asked about his impending endorsement, which comes close to Qaddafi's pre-death support for President Obama, before he was killed by Obama's allies in Libya.

What say you?

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