Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Occupy Wall Street Rapsheet (So Far), With Numbers, Statistics, and Sources

While it is easy to point to the thousands of ugly, violent, and prejudiced things that so many Occupy Wall Street protesters have done so far, it is tough to put a specific number on them.  Thanks to liberal mayors and OWSers intentionally not reporting crimes, many criminals have gotten off scott free.

Instead, I decided to make a list of all the crimes that OWS has committed that I can actually cite with news articles.  Therefore, prejudiced or racist vulgarities, and the like, screamed by Occupy protesters has not been included.

And simply because I could, I included the number of Tea Partiers who committed the same crimes.  I'll give you a hint at what that number is: it's less than 1 and it is not a negative number.

If you have any suggestions on crimes we missed, please comment.

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  1. "Truth can stand by itself" - but works best when propped up with lies.

  2. ^^ What? Did you not see the 10 links used as sources? Oh wait, you are the one who is lying. I get it. Smooth move, hot shot.

  3. I'm curious...what are the average crime rates for populations at density rates equal with occupy camps? Are they comparable?

    From what I've seen on FBI databases for 2010, those numbers are actually pretty low for a month worth of activity.

  4. hey pundit - can yoou make those links clickable? they are embedded in the image, which does no good.