Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Not" Racist Liberals Call Cain N-Word Repeatedly, Other Racist Insults

Oh liberals, hypocrisy is thy name.  The logic of the Left calling Republicans and Tea Partiers racist for supporting an African-American man already made no sense.  And now, with fresh allegations against Herman Cain, liberals are dialing up the racism... while still calling conservatives racist.

Hypocrisy is disgusting, but racism is so much worse.  And liberals constantly show their true selves.  Here are just a few examples (expletives blurred):

"Shut up:"
"To vlack:"
Calling the other side racist while you are saying racist things:
"Field hand:"
"House negro:"
You can see the Left's racism on full display above.  These aren't nearly all of them, they aren't the first, and they certainly won't be the last.  But, oh darn, I forgot, it was Tea Partiers who were racist for supporting an African-American man.

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  1. Herman Cain is the only authentic Black Man to ever run for President. Herman Cain is the descendant of slaves. Barack Hussein Obama is the descendant of Muslim slave traders. Barack Hussein Obama is half white. Barack Hussein's favorite people are Reverend Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Antoin Rezko and Rasheed Khalidi, all of whom hate the United States. Barack Hussein Obama is as oreo, house ni**a, uncle tom and sell out as you can get. Barack Hussein Obama is owned and operated by Warren Buffett, Jeffrey Immelt, George Soros, Jamie Dimon and the rest of mega rich white boys. Nobody owns Herman Cain. Lie about Herman Cain all you want; it will not change the facts.

  2. The liberals are now proving what we knew all along. They're the racist ones. They're the ones that want to keep minorities on their "plantation". The most racist people I've ever come in contact with were liberal northerners. So I'm not surprised by their sickness one bit. They're also too lazy to educate themselves, relying on a few lefty nut jobs to lead them down the path of no return.

  3. Jesus, liberals are such hypocrits! They are nothing but little butt-hurt racist babies that can't get their way,WAAAAA.
    Thank God the real patriotic Americans are taking our country back from the worst regime this nation has EVER seen!
    Republicans Forever!!!