Monday, November 07, 2011

And In Walks Gloria Allred

Not missing an opportunity to get her name in the papers, Gloria Allred will be holding a press conference this afternoon with another woman who claims she was sexually harassed by Herman Cain.  RadarOnline is reporting that this news conference will be held this afternoon in New York City.  

Allred, the women who has made a very good living representing such women as the porn star who was having an affair with Tiger Woods, who Allred contended deserved an apology.  Let's see the woman slept with a man she knew to be married, and was paid to have sex on camera.  Yeah, she sounded like a victim to me.  

There are no available details on this woman that I could find.  So, we don't know how or where she knows Mr. Cain from.  But it would seem to me that if you wanted creditability, the last person you would go to would be publicity whore Gloria Allred.  Although, she successfully helped derail Meg Whitman's candidacy for governor of California with Nikki the lying maid.  Who admitted to committing fraud and still miraculously manages to stay in the country illegally. 

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