Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Almost Half Feel that Media is Behaving Badly When It Comes to the Harassment Claims Against Herman Cain

Fox News has released a new poll on the allegations of sexual harassment leveled against Herman Cain.  The numbers are quite interesting:

A clear plurality feel they do not have enough information to know if the charges are true:
Serious enough to disqualify him           23%
Not serious enough to disqualify him    33%
Need more information                        43%
Don't know                                           2%

Only 25% feel that the women were motivated by fairness in making the claims public.  Which only two of the women have made them public.  15% Don't know, the rest feel it was financial gain or political or a combination of both.  

A Full 53% feel that Herman Cain has been treated like he is guilty by the media.  

All of this is good news for Herman Cain; with one exception: 60% feel that he is done only a fair or poor job in handling the accusations.  

The poll was conducted over the past two days and the breakout is:

Democrats 366
Republicans 353
Independents 177

Read the entire poll here.  

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