Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Perry: "Debates are not my strong suit"

HT: GOP 12

Texas Governor Rick Perry probably ended his campaign for President last night when he admitted "debates are not my strong suit" at a post-debate party in New Hampshire after another lackluster performance - his second in a roll.

Well, when you are scheduled to face President Barack Obama, who performs well in debates, at least three times during the general election next year and you admit you cannot keep up with him when thirty million, or potentially even more, Americans are watching on national television - you have just conceded your campaign to lost.

He has plenty of money and will remain in the race until someone wins the GOP nomination next spring, but I guarantee you it wont be him, particularly since Republicans want to defeat Barack Obama next November, and not watch our electoral hopes go down in flames because our nominee can't debate coherently.

What say you?

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