Friday, October 21, 2011

OWS Support Crumbling from Inside; "Look Up Hypocrite in the Dictionary, F***wit!"

With "Occupy Wall Street" now over one month old with no coherent plan or demands, it is not surprising that the movement is now faltering.  However, the collapse is coming from a slightly unexpected source: inside the movement itself.

Already there are reports of rampant thievery and rape.  More telling, however, is the in-fighting all over the Occupy Wall Street forum and another, separate website called "The Multitude."

Most stark is the fact that Occupy Wall Street says that it stands for Democracy, yet those with dissenting opinions are castigated and ridiculed, while being told that they "don't count."  Take this comment, for example, on a thread entitled, Maybe OWS is not for me?:
Considering that these people supposed support the "99%," it is exceedingly hypocritical for them to only think a small gathering at the "head" of the group are the most important.

In a post entitled Profiting From Protesting, one person decried making money off of the protests, arguing that they should not both argue against capitalism yet make money off of it.  One enraged OWS member angrily responded (obscenities blurred):
In another section, one user complains that they helped OWS protest for an entire day, yet came away disillusioned at the incredible self-centeredness of the movement.  In agreement, many commenters added opinions like this:
And in yet another, moderators are deleting comments from OWS supporters that do not preceisely toe the line of their movement.  The person writes:
I just pointed out an uncomfortable truth about Occupy Wall Street's finances, and the message was immediately deleted. I would actually consider it censorship.
The movement has become so fragmented that there are actually people calling for an alliance with... the Tea Party and Conservatives:
It looks like the problems are multiplying for Occupy Wall Street, and they're the ones doing it.

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