Wednesday, October 26, 2011

OWS Hires Alchemists, Faith Healers in Order to "Levitate Building"

Do you need any more evidence that those behind Occupy Wall Street are out of their minds?

One example is Tim Franzen, the leader of Occupy Atlanta. He is followed around the park he is "occupying," Woodriff Park, by random people. While conducting an interview with him, a reporter was warned that a man named "Porch" was right next to Franzen, carrying an AK-47.

Franzen wears a jacket, button-down shirt, and his "trademark red knit cap" as he wanders around looking at people. Once again, this man is considered the leader of Occupy Atlanta.
The reporter that tracked Franzen down asked him what some of his plans were for the movement. Franzen started off with a tirade against the Koch brothers. His anger has risen to the point where he has actually contracted people to 'get back' at the Koches:

"We've been having a team of alchemists and faith healers and doctors of physics working together to develop a mathematical formula to levitate the building," he stated.
The Building Franzen Hopes to Levitate
Unsurprisingly, Franzen considers himself a "community organizer," but not in the normal way, naturally. "I'm not the guy that's out every week with a a sign in his hand," he explains.

Instead, this OWS leader goes to his day job and then spends his evenings talking with alchemists. Franzen describes his feelings towards the protests: "This opportunity is so important that I'm willing to do my day job, then pour every hour into this, that's what everyone in the park is doing."

And the people at Occupy Atlanta are following him.

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  1. I just wish I was his employer, I would immediately make it possible for him to "occupy" the park full time.

  2. I don't know if I'd do that, Anon. He might threaten to levitate your house!

  3. Gee, this Franzen fellow seems a little nutty. So I guess we can conclude that Occupy Wall Street is all nonsense and we should just let the high-finance profiteers keep making public policy in America. It's what the Founders would have wanted!

  4. @Anon above

    You don't follow the news much, do you? Also, a "little" nutty? When's the last time you tried to levitate a building?

  5. RESIST WE MUCH! With Alchemists and Levitation... Obama and DemocRats people are raging lunatics... But they are the norm of todays communist party that supports wealth redistribution and being BUMS.

  6. Phil,

    I'm just trying to figure out why the aims of OWS are null and void just because the Atlanta organizer is a kook. Guy wears a goofy cap, and we're supposed to think it's fine that the wheeler-dealers have the government wiping their asses?

    Anonymous #2

  7. Anon, I do not believe any one, any where said that "wheeler-dealers" should not be investigated. In fact, if you look around, a lot of people are upset with our government. This article definitely doesn't say the government is right. Just because people don't whole-heartedly endorse OWS doesn't mean that they like or accept the status quo.

  8. Phil,

    It's not a matter of wholeheartedly endorsing OWS. This article doesn't mention their aims even once. It talks about one kooky guy in Atlanta, and then concludes that "those behind Occupy Wall Street are out of their minds". I personally don't think it's relevant if Franzen is a weirdo, or if you don't approve of his choice of headgear. It's relevant that he, like a lot of others, is outraged that Wall Street is making public policy. He's one of millions who disapprove of rich financiers having more influence in how our society runs than the working stiff. He's out there with a lot of others trying to get the message across that our government is in the pocket of money men, that the system is broken.

    But you focus on what sort of hat the guy's wearing, instead of what his movement is saying.


    Anonymous #2

  9. OWS has an inordinate amount of people like Mr. Franzen. I've seen a hundred or more cases of antisemitism or calls to violence, and that's when I'm browsing, not getting it through another, possibly biased, source. Worse, Franzen is considered the "leader" of Occupy Atlanta; if someone as weird as him, and his belief that alchemists can levitate a building, is in charge of a major portion of OWS, it's not too much of a stretch to think there are others like him in high positions.

    I think that everyone agrees that there needs to be some sort of change, and that includes liberals, conservatives, Republicans, and Democrats. For a movement to truly obtain the support of the 99% (or the 100%), there should be clear goals, clear grievances, and an understanding of where we all fit in in the world.

  10. In the USA, a guy with weird ideas like Franzen sure stands out. If only he'd said he believes people survive their physical deaths and go to live in a happy cloud place. Or that a week-old blastocyst deserves more rights than the woman in whose body it's developing. Then we'd know what a rational, upstanding American he is.

    And I'm pretty sure the media made a lot of hay about the OWS rank and file posting lists of specific demands on their website about a month ago. You were probably too busy scouring the forums for bigoted comments to have noticed. Or maybe the OWS demands simply don't resonate in the right-wing imagination, which seems intent on returning to that magical time in America before women, gays, unions, and PC multiculturalists messed it up for the people who really matter.

    Anonymous #2

  11. If you cannot argue and instead go off on non-sequitors, you are a waste of my time. If you do not have the honesty to admit Franzen is crazy, I have no time for you.

    I have tried to have a discussion with you, but all you do is stereotype. I am actually an atheist, but you went ahead and assumed everything about everyone that disagrees with OWS. Indeed, you are exactly the kind of person you say right-wingers are.

    If all OWS supporters refuse to have conversations and just attack random people by stereotyping, the movement is doomed. I doubt it will survive the year if all supporters are like you.

    Good day

  12. I just think OWS should be judged on its anti-corporate message, not the silly ramblings or the headgear of one person in the organization.

    You're the one who's stereotyping, dude, not me.

    See ya.

    Anonymous #2