Saturday, October 08, 2011

'Occupy Wall Street' Blasts Banking Industry... but Apologizes to Its Own Banker

Not terribly bright, are they?:
The protesters known as Occupy Wall Street may be critical of capitalism, but they still rely on the banking industry to collect and process the donations that they use to feed the troops and keep their rallies going.

So when an account for donations was mysteriously frozen, organizers accused the industry of holding the money hostage -- only to issue a public apology hours later when they realized it wasn't The Man who had brought them down.

The confusion began Friday morning when the Alliance for Global Progress, the nonprofit soliciting online contributions for Occupy Wall Street, sent out an alert to its supporters with the headline: "URGENT! Demand that e-onlinedata Stop Holding Hostage Contributions to 'Occupy Wall Street'! Release the funds! CALL TODAY!”

The alert listed the phone number for e-onlinedata, the credit card-processing company that had been receiving but not fully processing online contributions...

But after Occupy Wall Street supporters inundated e-onlinedata with complaints, protest organizers discovered the truth: It was their own fault. They issued a public apology and called off the troops, saying the volume of contributions had been more than their account could handle.

"Following extensive conversations with the company today, we are confident that the situation is on its way to a rapid resolution," the latest alert reads. "Please stop making calls to E-Onlinedata and please forward this alert to any listserves to which you may have forwarded our original alert."
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