Friday, October 14, 2011

Occupy Wall Street: Beheading of Children, Hangings Will Make People "Fall in Line"

As days go on, it becomes evident that the Occupy Wall Street "movement" grows more and more desperate.  The other day we covered them attacking one another and after that we uncovered their attempts to scrub their website.  Now, they have taken their insanity to a whole new level: they are calling for the beheading of "white kids," the "hanging" of capitalists, and the murder of parents.

Their violent and murderous rhetoric is all over their movement, along with their atrocious antisemitism.  Here are just a few examples of the hundreds out there.

"Lop heads off a few white kids:"
This screen shot was taken by this intrepid site, before it was removed by Twitter
From the Occupy Wall Street website, a user responds to what to do with capitalists after the 'revolution:'
And from the same thread, "there is not forgiveness for those that have no soul (Capitalists):"
On another thread, yet another user says "people will have to die" and that the US should become like "North Korea" (expletive blurred):
And yet another person call for death, but this time for the religious:
Occupy Wall Street asks: why not kill your parents:
One Twitter user simply pushes for the murder of celebrities:
This last particular person is unnervingly insane, with posts like these (not to mention a skull for his/her profile picture):
There is a clearly violent aspect of this movement.  Anyone around these people needs to be careful.

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  1. These people have no decency. #iAMthe53

  2. That last guy is seriously bonkers. Anti-dimension? Injecting steroids into dogs? He DOES sound like the kind of person that would support liberal causes!

  3. It looks like "MrHortonsCycles" is no longer an active Twitter user. I believe the reference to Mr. Horton pertains to a character from the TV show Different Strokes who owned a bicycle shop and turned out to be a pedophile.

    Yes, I agree, these people are sick, and they will not be disowned by any decent though misled OWS supporters people because they are all in love with "tolerance".

  4. The World is on fire, we live in evil times and
    the world is lead by its Godless passions. This world is not going to get any bette.

  5. One was wildly gesticulating and shouting "Parades!"

  6. And Liberals question the loving nature of a just God who would wipe-out just such a people & culture who had reached it's lowest point of moral depravity?! Sodom & Gomorrah was anything but "gay" for the decent and civilized.

  7. The manifesto of the weather underground advocated that children should murder their parents. William Ayers was of course a founder of that group and is a close personal friend of Obama. The killing of parents was required by the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. Millions were murdered.

  8. Any large enough protest movement will attract a certain number of whackos. Why reach the conclusion that the people posting stuff like this are representative of the whole of OWS supporters?

  9. Too much drugs and a lay-about-do-nothing life will cook anyone's brain. Hope the parents of the homosexual couple calling for murdering your parents, sees this.