Sunday, October 16, 2011

Occupy Albany: 100 Liberals

Approximately 100 demonstrators occupied Albany yesterday afternoon in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement that has dominated the news cycle since late-September and has spread to cities, - large & small - across the country, including in my own county of 30,000 mostly Republican inhabitants.
Albany, N.Y. - Typical Occupy Wall Street sign.
The local liberal Times-Union described the demonstrators mood as anti-corporations, anti-capitalism, anti-war, and even anti-hydofracking, which is typical for the Occupy Wall Street crowd: disorganized opposition to anything remotely conservative, or traditional. There were also Muslim supporters of two Albany-area jihadists who were arrested and convicted several years ago.

No one was arrested and only a couple of police officers were present.

What say you?


  1. Amarillo Texas is roughly twice the size of Albany. But, our metro area is only 250,000 versus 800,000 plus for Albany. Occupy Amarillo drew between 75 and 100 people as well.

  2. I live in a small neighboring county to Albany, and our first Tea Party event gained over 250+ attendees, or nearly 1% of our total population. Occupy Wall Street is a total bust.

  3. Occupy (fill in the blank) is a total bust.

  4. Do you what gets me? These liberals loons are occupying Wall Street and other areas - while they are the same ones who opposed our War in Iraq.... which they called an occupation.