Thursday, October 13, 2011

John Edwards: Bush/Obama Conspiracy Pressing Charges Against Him

We all know what a terrible phony John Edwards, but this is beyond the pale, even for him. The former Democratic Vice Presidential nominee in 2004, who cheated on his cancer stricken wife and turned to divisive tactics to gain the party's nomination in 2008, is now blaming a conspiracy for his recent legal troubles.

Edwards is charged with violating campaign finance laws relating to his 2008 campaign. Prosecutors claim that the former North Carolina Senator illegally used funds from his campaign to pay his mistress' cover-up story. The charges say that Edwards accepted over $1 million in illegal funds to squelch information that he had fathered Hunter's child.

Now, he blames not himself, or even his dead wife. Instead, it is a conspiracy by a former United States Attorney appointed by the Bush Administration. To make matters worse, he also claims that these appointees are intentionally not being challenged by the Obama Administration.

His defense? Classic lawyer speech:
Similarly, the fact that the new Obama Administration did not choose to use any political capital and risk the adverse publicity from charges that it was trying to favor one of its own to stop the train that Mr. Holding (a hold-over Republican U.S. Attorney) started does not mean that Mr. Edwards is precluded from standing up for himself when he there is ample record evidence that he was treated differently and unfairly.

Should it be any surprise that one of Edwards' attorneys has left the case?

A flurry of defense filings Tuesday also confirm another fact: a prominent North Carolina defense attorney who had been representing Edwards, Wade Smith, has left the team. Prosecutors said in a filing reported here last week that Smith might be a witness to events relevant to the case and he had agreed he would not be part of Edwards's legal team at any trial.

Throw this bastard in jail. What a phony.

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