Saturday, October 29, 2011

Compilation: 40 Examples of OWS Violence, Perversion, and Anti-semitism (With Pictures, Videos)

Occupy Wall Street is one of the most egregiously immoral "movements" in the past several decades.  Reports of rape, violence, public masturbation, and rabid antisemitism define OWS.  These crimes and hatred are not isolated incidents, despite the lies that have been promoted in the Main Stream Media.  To prove this point, I have compiled 40 examples in picture, video, and article form beneath.

OWS and its supporters can deny the truth, but we (the true 99%) will not.

Examples of perversion/perverted public acts:

Woman raped by Occupy Cleveland Protester:

Fourteen-year-old statutory-raped at Occupy Dallas by several men:

"Pimping" of under-aged girls at Occupy New Hampshire:

Public masturbation at Occupy Madison causes them to lose their permit:

Occupy Missoula gives 11-year-old boy alcohol:

Calls to violence in video:

Calls to violence in forum, Twitter, signs, and pamphlets:

An OWS flier asks: "When should you shoot a cop?"

From Twitter and the OWS Forum:

Signs from protests:

Violence in pictures:

Violence in news articles:

A long list of crimes from the Portland Police Bureau:

Police officer tackled while driving scooter:

OWS throws bottles, garbage at the police:

Fights erupt among Occupy Wall Street protesters:

Oakland Police Department reports:

Insane people running the asylum:

OWS Hires Alchemists, Faith Healers in Order to "Levitate Building:"

Antisemitism on full display:
Link; Expletive Blurred

Antisemitism in video:

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  1. This is just propaganda by the Zionists. Those pictures are lies. Long live the revolution! Long live Occupy Wall Street!

  2. Added to my collection at no. 353

  3. I agree with zionist propaganda, but idk about the occupy wall street,