Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Wisconsin City Caught Destroying Ballots

As if the situation in Wisconsin wasn't tense enough, it appears that one county in particular is going to a new extreme. This comes after word that there may have been voter fraud in the nonpartisan State Supreme Court election yesterday between incumbent David Prosser and JoAnne Kloppenburg.

For some reason one of the counties in the state is destroying ballots that 'were not counted' yesterday. Apparently this is a very bizarre and egregious move.

There is now a call for an injunction to preserve the 'discarded' ballots:

I have filed a Wisconsin Open records request with the City of Mequon demanding any ballot
submitted but not cast in yesterday's election, including any remnant of a shredded ballot. We
have received reports Mequon poll workers destroyed submitted ballots before poll closing time, demanding a driver’s license number from the absentee voter. This request is unusual and the destruction of ballots is of grave concern, given the closeness of the state Supreme Court election. I will consider seeking an injuction to back up my request if Mequon officials are not copperative [sic].
Mark Belling,
April 6, 2011

Mark Belling is apparently a local radio host.

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This also comes as over 10,000 more ballots were cast for the Supreme Court race in Dane (Madison) than for the County Executive race there.

We're not exactly sure why this is happening, but Mequon is in Ozaukee County... where the vote totals may give us an idea why:

Ozaukee 48/48
Prosser 20,844 72%
Kloppenburg 8,295 28%

This could be the 200 votes that Kloppenburg is currently "leading" by... What the hell is going on?


This could be a reason why. From the Kloppenburg Facebook page, apparently.

UPDATE 9:34est

This is directly from the Wisconsin State Election law. If there were any ballots shredded, including those that would be 'invalid,' it would be highly illegal.

UPDATE 11:58est

We had an email from a reader that Facebook was blocking this url from being shared on their site. I tried to upload it myself...and it turns out that it's true.
UPDATE 4/7 11:38

I have both called and emailed the Mequon City Clerk's office. I hope for a statement by the end of today, although I do not expect one.

UPDATE 4/7, 10:51pm

News from Facebook: they have rescinded their block on our site.  So share away.

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  1. Could the destruction of ballots give rise to a re-vote~?

  2. This is so WRONG!!!!!!! If it had been Republicans, had done this, The Democrats would be raising hell. I hope these people who destroyed those voting ballets get prosecuted!!!

  3. What on Earth makes you think this is the Dems doing? Whoever did this needs to be prosecuted but in a heavily Prosser precinct I would suspect the Repubs over the Dems, especially given the disdain for the system they have shown over the past few months.

    And the voter suppression smacks of the Repubs at the heart of this. It is their favorite pass time next to taking money from the poor.

  4. Nikki, the poor don't pay taxes, nor do they pay for government services, so its gaddam hard to "take" their money. So take yer mindless trolldom and shove it.

  5. Ballots that were marked in error are turned in to the clerks, voided, and re-issued before they are fed through the ballot box. This is standard procedure. The ballots that were not cast normally are torn in half, or the word VOID written across them, when they are turned in to City Hall.

    As I remember, a change was made last year about how to handle them. We used to keep them separate and turn them in at the end of the night. As I remember, in Nov. 2010 we were told to destroy them and then discard them before turning all the rest of the election materials back to City Hall.

    In any case, the point is to be sure that they are not left around so that they could be merged back into the collection of valid ballots.

  6. Nikki, when you take your head out of your a$$, and finally take a breath of fresh will find that it was the Democraps that violated the law---as they have on all other close elections. What's the matter, you upset that you weren't asked to store any ballets in the trunk of your car?

  7. it to me does not makes sense that a democrat would do this, we already won, I would say it makes more sense for a republican to destroy about of say 204 votes? Besides the district got 72% prosser...seems a little high even if it were Kloppenberg in Dane i don't think it was that high...suspicious but I wouldn't accuse anyone without proof *ahem*

  8. Not mindless trolldom. Just open eyes and logic my dear jelink. The poor pay taxes, I do and my family does. The giant corporations don't. BoA paid nothing last year. GE paid nothing and got a rebate! How's that for welfare?

    Might I suggest getting off the gluten so you can relax and begin to see the world through something other than a narrow negative tunnel? Just a thought. <3

    Thanks for the info Anonymous! We gotta admit though at 200 votes it is a divided State. Lets hope that logic and civility win the day.

  9. I am Sure Many Liberal Students voted Twice. Once Absentee and Once at their Campus Location.

    There is only one Party that does not want voter ID.
    THe Party that CHEATS

    Just remember, Layoffs of Public Workers will now happen, because Some of them will not pay a small portion of their OWN HEALTH CARE
    Oink Oink Oink for the Piggy Me Me Me School teachers

  10. In an election this close and this high-profile, it is unconscionable to allow the results to stand if these fraudulent activities are proven. I only hope Republicans have the gonads aggressively pursue prosecution and a remedy.

  11. Mequon officials are probably republicans

  12. Nikki - how much did you pay in income tax? How much was your refund? If the latter is larger than the former you did not pay income tax. If you're in the bottom 50% of wage earners and the former is larger than the latter, you're stupid and should seek professional help in filling out your 1040 EZ. If you can't figure out what it is that I'm telling you here, you should STFU and seek a remedial reading course at your local community college.

    Just a CPA trying to help...

  13. Nothing that comes out of Mark Belling's mouth is credible. Don't get all bent out of shape over it.

  14. Nikki, why would logic and civility rule the day when the unions are involved and we have grown selfish citizens who care only about what they can get from government and not for the betterment of the states or country? Sacrifice is not a part of the union vocabulary.

    Wisconsin may win this one, but it won't be for long, especially when the citizens see the results of this. Some people have to feel the pain of consequences before they can change their minds. (And no, I don't mean violence. That is the M.O. of the left).

    Hang on to your collective bargaining. You'll lose your jobs.

  15. Violence is the MO of the left?

    The left?

    The Hippy peaceful left?

    Are we living on the same planet?

    I am in the bottom 50% and did get a refund but it wasn't more than I paid in over all. Maybe if I had a unscrupulous CPA to find every loophole to cheat my community out of money that they could I would be better off financially. I'd rather have a soul. :)

    How is taking away people's voices ok to you? Unions have given all the concessions asked for while corporations continue to take. Why aren't you angry at the corporations?

  16. Actually the republicans are always the ones that commit voter fraud.

  17. Have any of your right wingers ever heard of sales taxes? Because everyone pays sales taxes, including the poor.

  18. If there were destroyed ballots it was done by both Rep. and Dems. as each are required as election workers. From experience I can guess that a challenger complained about a voter validity and the workers were confused what to do. That is if there is a problem.

  19. Just a thought...It's the big bad corporations that pay your paycheck! If you tax and regulate them to death than they will either lay off, close their doors or move to another country, and you will be without a job like a lot of Americans these days. My dad has lost his job, and so did my brother thanks to unions and their big demands! What was asked of the teachers over these last few weeks is much less than what the average worker pays. Collective Bargaining sounds like a good idea til you've done bargained a business out of business. Think about it.

  20. That's weird. Just recently a during the race for Governor, a Connecticut city was caught creating a whole bag full of them.

  21. Ronnie - sales tax is the government taking money from the poor, not the rich. Something we so called "right-wingers" are against. Love the name calling by "open minded" liberals - LOL.

  22. Niki - if you are in the bottom 50% of tax earners, you pay no taxes therefore you are in the top half. Welcome to the "rich" club.


    "Don't buy a single vote more than necessary. I'll be damned if I'm going to pay for a landslide."
    Joseph P. Kennedy

  24. As I have seen it is pointless to argue with a democrat. They always want to shove their opinion down your throat, but when it comes time for you to state yours, they will never listen. Plus they are incredibly classless and petty.

  25. "Actually the republicans are always the ones that commit voter fraud."

    Oh, well thanks for clearing THAT up for us, anonymous! Two can play at that incredibly stupid game:

    How about a REAL example, like John Fund's thorougly researched article last year on Wisconsin voter fraud:

  26. The "hippy peaceful left" was never peaceful. Get a clue. I went to school with two girls whose father died in the Sterling Hall bombing.

    If the Right had done this, it would become a national outrage. Since it was done by the Left, it will not.

    Conservatives need to get a clue, too. They all know this, it happens every time, but they remain clueless, never learning and thus always getting the same treatment: tarred as underhanded meanies while the left uses "any means necessary" proudly.

    It's why conservatives always fail in the end, managing to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  27. I shall smoke my cigar soon as I find my top hat...oh there it is! Under that large pile of money! <3

    I didn't realize that $50,000 for a family of two was living the high life. My mistake.

    But then a large chunk of that goes to a broken healthcare system, medical bills on credit cards because of that broken healthcare system. I suppose I could have just died rather then gotten treatment though... Then there are Student loans and having a decent car, a fancy Toyota Yaris Basic, to factor in. I almost got the Bentley but thought it might be too flashy for rural Wisconsin.

    And don't forget the cost of real food. Very expensive to eat fresh organic food. But I just can't bring myself to eat poison so really there is no alternative there.

    Businesses and Unions should work together for mutual benefit. If either side is being too greedy that isn't good. Unions aren't Saints but I don't want to live in a country without them. China just isn't my cup of tea.

  28. So... will Milwaukee once again report more votes than voters? Ah, the suspense...

    I'm assuminmg the voter ID requirement was not yet in force. It's sort of poetic that the voter fraud in this election will probably result in the law itself being declared unconstitutional.

  29. Republicans want voter ID; Democrats do not.

  30. RE: "Actually the republicans are always the ones that commit voter fraud."

    Really. Well, if they are, they're not doing nearly enough to keep up with the democrats. Nearly 4 times as many search results for: democratic voter fraud. 1.9 million vs. half a million.

  31. Mark Belling is not just 'a radio talk show host'. He fills in for Rush semi-regularly. So it ain't World Net Daily.

  32. Funny how people think that the unions are the bullies of America. Take a look at our economy. Is it the union's fault that we went into a recession? No. The big corporations who've cheated and taken all these rebates and benefits from the government ran it into the ground. But I guess it makes complete sense for one political party to give the corporations tax breaks all the time, because after all they care about our nation's citizens and would never underpay them or outsource their jobs. Ha. Republicans are the people who follow blindly behind the people with the most money and take follow the lead of taking money from the people with less. This country wasn't founded on millionaires, but rather hard working folk who made the backbone of society. Now, that backbone is breaking and there'll be nothing that the middle class can do to save the upper class once they piss away all of our money.

  33. The Progressive-Marxist-DemocRATS who truly believe that diaper baby Al Franken REALLY won the election in Minnesota, raise your hand!.. WOW, that's a LOT of people!!.. Oh I see, each DemocRAT raised BOTH hands so they'd get counted as two people! THAT'S how the DemocRATS roll. I think the cheating is inbred or something.

  34. Niki - "Rich" is relative which is why I don't like class warfare liberals. I face the exact same challenges with bills and raising a family as you do but I want less government so I can decide how to spend and manage my money - not big brother.

    I don't have a problem with unions in the private market but I have a BIG problem with Public Unions (Federal Workers have NO collective bargining - where the outcry?). Our WI teachers pay little in pension and healthcare premiums and have premo benefits - I know, my sister and sister-in-law are both teachers. This plan allows the teacher to keep their benefits and not cut teachers. Until Walker and the Rep were elected the unions have made NO concessions (for YEARS) and in fact allowed teacher cuts before benefit concessions. Walker called their bluff and they agreed because the public supported it. Collective barginning was only removed for benefits - NOT salary. Welcome to the real world - who gets to bargin their benefits?

    I am glad that Walker is taking a stand and the cry-baby union thugs (oh the stories I could tell you) whine all the way back to Washington DC.

  35. This is the sort of thing that ends in violence.

  36. Actually, teachers pay for all of their pension and healthcare.

  37. Given what we've seen from Wisc, civility and logic are not expected to begin with....

  38. To the poster who said that students vote twice. That's EXACTLY what they do. They did it while I was in college and will do it again.

    If you're from someplace in Wisconsin and you have registered to vote, you vote by absentee ballot (or I guess drive to your hometown if you have the time.)

    However, you ALSO register to vote using your campus address. (Remember, you can vote in the WI on voting day!) And we all know UW-Madison and pretty much every campus in WI yesterday was encouraging people to vote and registering people right at the polls. So people get to vote twice. No one checks their "home precinct" and no one double checks that they have voted again in (Madison, Stevens Point, Milwaukee, Oshkosh, etc.) It happened ALL THE TIME in college and it disgusted me. Students bragged out it. It's the whole reason we need to have a voter identification system. I can practically guarantee thousands of votes were illegally cast twice for Kloppy. Hence, her 200 vote lead.

    Can anyone look into this? Check the names of new registrants in Madison and then look up these same people in their hometowns in WI? Voter fraud across the board would pile up.

    The conservative kids I know wouldn't have stooped to those levels like the Dumb-O-Crats. We are too smart, gifted, ethical, moral, etc. But really, we should start stooping to their level.

  39. Obviously, I meant to write "(Remember, you can REGISTER TO vote in WI on voting day!) See above, paragraph 3.

  40. So Nikki is upset she decided to get a degree in something that doesn't afford her the lifestyle she wanted?

    Nikki is upset that she accepted a job with crappy health insurance?

    And she's upset that the American taxpayer has the audacity to expect her to pay her student loans back?

    And that the American taxpayer should fund her organic lifestyle?

  41. Nikki feels entitled. That is why she is a liberal. She is entitled to her salary and from her very post doesn't do very much to improve her ability to serve others (and reap higher pay). That's what happens when you join a union. It's no longer in your incentive to actually do a good job and EARN money but it's your incentive to protect the collective and extort others for as much as possible.

  42. Yea okay, no-body's perfect except for the conservatives. Makes sense.

  43. @jelink said...

    "Nikki, the poor don't pay taxes, nor do they pay for government services, "

    You have that backwards, the poor are the only ones that do pay their taxes, hence all the debt.

    @ Everyone else, regardless of your opinion on voter ID, it is not currently a law, and so cannot be used to prevent legal voting. Saying Milwaukee might count more votes that were cast to this article is not much different than sticking your fingers in your ears and going lalala. If, as the article states, ballots were destroyed in unorthodox circumstances, it gives either side a reason to drag this out w/a recount. It would have been in everyone's interest to do everything completely legit, so Prosser can't come up with a reason for a recount.

    In the end, it's so nice to see how foamy at the mouth and rabid some of you people are to your neighbors. I hope they just sit on their asses if your houses ever catch fire - since 9-1-1 is a liberal commie tax money rip off.

    P.S. Enjoy your 15 hour work days, and 7 day work weeks... oh you don't work that much? Thank a union.

  44. Walker needs to order the Wis. Nat. Guard to take possession of all ballots cast immediately. The law enforcement agencies in the state are totally untrustworthy of safeguarding them. Anyone who tries to stop the Nat. Guard from carrying out their orders should be arrested and tried with conspiracy to commit voter fraud. Once the ballots are secure they should start a public (internet, real time, streaming video) inspection of every single ballot, including full traceability of its provenance to voter registration rolls. All instances of fraud should be publicly announced/published with identification of the perpetrators' names, addresses, places of work, phone numbers, email addresses,...the whole works.

    Kloppenhorseface, bitch is uglier than Ron Jeremy's taint!

  45. Nikki - the really rich vote for and contribute to democrats disproportionately.

    Again, the left: perpetually clueless, while considering themselves best informed.

  46. with the ratio favoring prosser wouldn't that imply that the poll workers voted for him and they destroyed the challengers votes?

  47. the guy is a neo-con looking to make a name for himself and get some radio ratings...

    "Mark’s show is a mixture of his principled conservatism, lifestyle issues..."

    again: if almost 4 out of 5 voted for prosser, what makes you think the poll workers were in the 1 out of 5 minority? wouldn't the majority of the poll workers be for prosser and be keeping an eye on the process?

    or are you saying neo-cons would never volunteer to man the polls becasue they don't care about our Country?

    it makes no sense...if anyone's ballots were tossed, it would be the challenger, and I would not be surprised in the least if that happened...

  48. The union will do absolutely NOTHING for the laid off public sector employees. I grew up in a union town, worked in union jobs, trust me, when I got laid off, the union was nowhere in sight to help me.

    What you think about unions and union rights aren't going to matter squat when you are laid off because there is no money left to pay you.

    Have a nice day.

  49. I suppose Prosser could complain to the Feds for relief in this. Improperly shredded ballots are always a concern.

    Nothing will happen from the Feds, though - Mequon is too white for Holder's DOJ to get involved over shredded ballots.

  50. and the racist repubs rear their ugly heads...
    not really surprised

    unions in my area always help the laid off...they supplement the unemployment, get them training, and help them find work...

  51. just throw out all off the ballots for Ozaukee county count the remaing 71 counties, done!

  52. Nikki is a superb advertisement of the disaster that ensues if women are allowed to vote for a couple of generations.

  53. Yeah, this makes me feel a whole lot better about the gummint. Give 'em all a big raise.

  54. Oh look, another liberal trying to play the race card. Obama maxed it out in 2008, mmm k? Try playing it again in 2012 and see how it works for you. All the unemployed blacks hurt by Obama's bad economy aren't going to turn out in the numbers they did and white guilt was already satiated by Obama winning the first time.

  55. I'm confused as to how a poll worker would come into contact with an absentee voter in order to ask for a driver's licence number. I thought that was the idea - absent from the polls. Interesting thought. The rtticle also lacks info on who saw the ballots destroyed (voters,poll workers); author just says IT APPEARS that ballots were destroyed. Perhaps the vote came in showing that people in
    Wisconsin realize that cutting taxes for corporations and destroying rights people in Wisconsin have had since the 1920s is not what they want. The wealthy cannot take everything in this country and leave nothing for the rest of us. We are waking up.

  56. Guys, you realize that Ozaukee, Washington, and Waukesha County is probably one of the most conservative counties in Wisconsin. right? Why is it reported in Ozaukee County first, and not MIlwaukee or Dane County?

    Mequon is conservative and rich as fuck guys. I'm saying this an independent - get a clue. I voted for Prosser, but this sounds really fishy.

  57. What is in the water up there in Wisconsin? Voter fraud is the norm in Washington State, not in Wisconsin!

  58. the repubs have learned, when you don't have 'good' or truth on your side, lie...
    'it appears' ballats have been destroyed, by insideous dems in a district where repubs hold a vast's a bald faced lie...

    this is classic disinformation...just make stuff up to taint the election, make excuses for why prosser lost...

    as far as racism? it was neo-con who brought up the 'whiteness' of the area and said the bad black AG is biased and would not enforce the law for white people...
    jacoff, you are the worse America has to offer...

  59. Nikki,

    How much do you charge?

  60. You're all so incredibly hostile. An awful lot of name calling and virtually no sharing of information.

    Of course the poor pay taxes. More than any other income group in proportion to their income. That's part of the problem with the country. The poor can't get ahead and when the economy tanked, it resulted in many more new 'poor' households.

    We all just want to make a living and not struggle paying for health care, gasoline, utilities, entertainment, etc. and have something left to buy our kids cool stuff.

    Both union and non-union workers worry about this. The operative word being "workers." I don't begrudge anyone an annual raise whether they make more than me or not. I DO begrudge the fact that the money for war, banker bonuses and bailouts has to come from workers. Why not just modestly tax some of the "people" who have the money? What's wrong with that? Just a fair share. The rich (those making 250K+ in salaries) are getting richer and pretty much everyone else, not doing so well. That's not fair and it's silly for all of us who make less than 250K to be harping at each other - we're in the same boat in spite of differing ideologies.

  61. Too bad the poster doesn't understand the difference between voter fraud and election fraud.

  62. The willful ignorance here is astounding. The highest 1% of taxpayers pay far more than the bottom half of Americans - not percentagewise, but in raw dollars:

    Pretending that isn't so by putting your fingers in your ears and talking about "loopholes" or whatever Robin Hood BS your family ingrained in you is not changing the distribution, nor does it change the fact that people produce less (thereby crippling the economy) the higher their taxes go, whether you think they're rich or not.

    The same goes with unions. You can rant on and on about weekends or working conditions or whatever, but do it to your psychologist. Even if "unions" (and not red-clawed capitalist Henry Ford) had "invented the work week," coal miners and sweatshop laborers are no longer important elements of the American workforce and completely irrelevant to the issue of pampered government employees, most of whom SHOULD have to work 15/7 if we're going to keep paying them at their current rates.

  63. "Nikki is a superb advertisement of the disaster that ensues if women are allowed to vote for a couple of generations."

    I'm of the feminine persuasion and I (and my daughters) always vote Republican; however, I agree my demographic is a disaster. Many, if not most, women are airheads.

  64. I would expect this from Mark Belling, the douchebag has been ranting and raving about this budget bill since the day it was intoduced. In fact, I know a ton of Republicans that have stopped listening to him just because he makes them tired. Hey Mark, your fishing here, trying once again to stir up shit so people listen to your annoying show. Why don't you find something else to takl about for a change?

  65. Sounds like Republican tactics to me. They are the ones denying peoples right to vote.

  66. There needs to be something stated, to explain the nonsense Nikkie is spewing, because when flakey, nutroot leftists like her rant, they use certain code words, they intend to make them look good, to help obfuscate the fact that they are greedy, selfish, immature elites, who need to excuse their demand that the vast majority of the citizenry be reduced to chattel slavery.

    You see, Nikki represents the mindset of the Marxist ideologues that one used to have to go to Europe to experience. To the Nikki's of the world, the real poor are what they think of as the "undeserving poor", spoiled, pampered elites like herself, are what they refer to as, "the poor", aka, "the deserving poor" they just don't expect us to cotton on to that. When they're preaching to minorities, including illegal aliens, they go on about what they want to do, to "help" the poor, but for the most part, minorities, especially illegal aliens, are snowed by this. The Nikki's of the world want to exploit minorities, that means they want them to go out and wage "revolution", whereupon, those that still are alive after the fact, will be reduced to chattel slavery, along with whatever the rest of us who are left. That's Nikki's dream.

    The Nikki's think the lot of us are stupid, because we don't agree them. The fact is, the Nikki's aside from being mentally unstable, after a life time spent naval gazing, are incredibly insecure, thus their desperate need to one up, and hold up the things they do as a way of affirming their value.. like name dropping, and hiding behind accusations of "racist", et al.. and squawking about "organic" food.

    Nikkie doesn't consider leftist violence, as violence, that's why she is too cowardly to address the fact that all the political acts of violence over the past few years, were all committed by leftists. The nutjob who shot and killed 4 colleagues at Duke last year, Amy Bishop, a radical leftist, the nutjob who flew that plane into an IRS building in Texas, a leftist, the nutjob who shot Gabrielle Giffords, and killed all those other people, a leftist, his favorite book was Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto. In Wisconsin, a female teacher, sent death threats to republican assembly members, and those death threats included threats to kill those assembly members children as well. Nikki doesn't consider that violence, again because to insane leftists, again, can't actually engage in honest debate, because even though they'll deny it, their sick, twisted moral relativism id disgusting and they don't like being called on it.

  67. The people in charge of the polls belong to unions, the people who hire them, are in a union. I doubt they are part of the conservative majority in those communities. The secretary of state is a democrat, one who has been caught and fined violating the law, by allowing unions to get control of vote counts and elections.. let's get real here. If there's any monkey business going on, it's democrats.

  68. Re: Norm Coleman vs. Al Franken
    The recount was mandated by law and videotaped (you can watch it) so when Franken won the recount, Coleman sued. The ballots that were disallowed were the issue and the election went to trial before a panel of 3 Minnesota Supreme Court justices. Everything was videotaped and archived and LIVE BLOGGED every day and I know because I participated. You can watch it if you'd like..or a short video summary of the entire process at the Uptake. Now You Know.
    Just ask Norm Coleman if it wasn't a fair election trial. Time to stop bellyaching.

  69. Hahaha, you conservatives are pathetic. Sorry that people that were moderate conservatives are realizing that republicans do not care about them or their "small businesses" No Scott Walker and his Koch friend's are to busy handing out tax cuts to corporations and then turning around and telling union workers that they have to make some sacrifices to balance the budget. Sorry that Kloppenburg won and will win any re-count. Oh, and nice try pushing the collective bargaining bill through the state senate illegally. Totally worked out for you guys...

  70. "Of course the poor pay taxes."

    The only people in the bottom 40% of earners who pay federal taxes - and that includes me, and apparently you - are those too illiterate to read the IRS form. The only you fed tax you pay is the interest the IRS makes on your refund. You get it all back in April and (probably) then some.

    The idea that the poor is carrying the country is a mythic vision created by rabble-rousers. It's emotive, not factual. Sure, some Wall Street people soaked the taxpayers (because Bush and Obama let them), but that doesn't mean anyone actually has paid for it...yet. The bottom 40% haven't paid any fed taxes since the Bush cuts, and they weren't paying very much before then.

    So who is bearing the burden, then? Actually, nobody. That's where the $14 trillion debt comes from. The government spends but only the highest incomes (read: too few to carry any voting weight) are being taxed.

  71. Nikki (and the rest of you Liberal freaks),
    If you put the same amount of time and effort in a career, as you do crying here about the injustice and strife you have in your life, you would be pretty successful and able to pay more taxes. But sadly, you are a typical Liberal, pissed off that you don't get as much freebies as you think you are entitled to.

  72. Yea! Lets all trust a local radio DJ as our primary info source, and then lets start spewing accusations without any legitimate reasoning behind. LETS WORK OURSELVES INTO A FRENZY!!!!!! WOOOHOOOOO

    Grow up people.

  73. Typical liberal actions. The outcome justifies the means.

    The ballot box has been long obsolete. Time to start voting from the rooftops.

  74. The ignorance of precinct and party political participation in elections is rampant in America. Unless you research the issue, you really don't have a clue who manages elections in your district and precincts. If unions run all the elections, why did their candidates lose last November? Some of you folks are esentful that you don't care to educate yourselves but others do. Get a Pell grant and take some college courses. Do it for your self esteem. You won't hate others who know more or try to find out if they don't. Pitiful Parrots.

  75. Ozaukee county is a heavily Republican county, however, I am not sure that Mequon is as right leaning. You'd be surprised, driving through, looking at signs in people's yards. I could believe anything coming from that city. Its like a combination of Grafton and east side of Milwaukee, all rolled up in one!

  76. Facebook blocked me from sharing this saying the site had been flagged as abusive or spammy. I responded saying that was an error. Might want to check it out.

  77. To bad Pell grants are taking cuts from the republican budget proposal

  78. Curious. No documentation whatsoever and a threat to retroactively invade Israel in 2003. Could this be anymore bogus of a hoax?

  79. @cynicalgirl
    Unlike you, Facebook realizes that this site is full of bullshit and empty accusations...haha

  80. cynicalgirl said...
    Facebook blocked me from sharing this saying the site had been flagged as abusive or spammy. I responded saying that was an error. Might want to check it out.

    Probably flagged because it is so obviously fiction -- abusive and spammy.

  81. Right Wing Extremest Bullsheat... not a single shred of truth to it. Go on spinning your lies... it only shows your stupidity.

  82. Haha. This is ridiculous--in the literal sense, meaning laughable. I really like the hyperlink to YOUR OWN article. Great supplemental material to ensure objective journalism!

    Nikki--just shake it off. Like I said, ridiculous.

  83. In other news, Thomas Ferdousi, a senseless blogger on Pundit Press, posted a blog with nothing but lies intended to play off people's emotions in 2011.

  84. taxes
    yes, the top 1% earners pay 40% of all taxes
    but they make 45% of all income
    and control 55% of all wealth
    do the math

  85. Unless you are all millionaires and not paying "your share", you are in the same boat as all the progressives out there. We all want the oil companies to stop getting "corporate welfare" and we all want to see NAFTA repealed..let's work from there..I want my right to have a safe healthcare system, where I don't have to worry about a nurse shortage, where my grandkids get a good education with qualified teachers...and I want this in THIS that too much to ask?

  86. and we have the sum of their position:
    "The ballot box has been long obsolete. Time to start voting from the rooftops."

    interpretation: if people aren't warped enough to vote with us, let's kill them...and that is the root of their position, they don't want harmony, they want to be violent and act out their frustration and anger...sad little people

    so psychotic and racist...what a delightful combination...

  87. To all those who shout from the mountain tops with high regard for the unions. Um, have you seen Detroit lately? I hope the Dems and unions get all they want and more out of Wisconsin. Then your Beautiful state will turn to crap because every last dime will go to pensions and healthcare of those same people. You will loose all attraction to business, and all your jobs (revenue) will go away. Then you will be Michigan, just another state in debt and in the crapper. And as far as "Big Business" not paying any taxes.... that only happens when your buddies with Barry Obama. You know, the job czar J. Imelt now there's a job for you weak work ethic liberals.

  88. The Nikki's of the world disagree with your assessment of them. The Nikki's of the world love and respect their fellow citizens and the planet and do not resort to hate speech to make their point.

    We do want smaller government and more freedoms like the legalization of drugs for example. But recognize the need for government to make sure that we have a clean environment and safe working conditions etc... Ah yes and the death penalty is a-ok and you will take our guns from our cold dead hands. ;) Nikki's are not liberal, not conservative, but a healthy mixture of both.

    Nikki's stand for freedom.

    Ok...but this "How much do you charge?" is just too cute and I can't resist responding:

    I charge $9.95 per minute but sadly for Ken I do not impersonate 10 year old girls being raped over the phone. You will have to look elsewhere to get your fix.

    But don't ask me. I'm just a girl... *giggle*

  89. Democrats are just as corrupt nationwide now as they were in the south in the 50's and 60's. But there are no conservative Democrats now.

  90. Where is the evidence of this? Someone filed some paperwork and now that's proof. Uh huh.

  91. Union thugs nearly killed my grandfather because he had the audacity to hire people HE thought competent instead of the union idiots that couldn't (wouldn't) do the job. After he got out of hospital he carried a .45 in his coat pocket in case the Unions wanted to try and "negotiate" with him again. This was in a "right to work" state. I feel sorry for the poor folk in Forced Union states. I've seen the quality and quantity of "work" the union workers do. If they want to drive their employer out of business then that's what they deserve but when the employer is the Government there is no end to the costs and collusion and we ALL end up paying the price.

  92. Nikki
    I'm guessing he prefers boys....

    they would have to solicit sex under a bathroom stall from a cop to be as morally corrupt/bankrupt as a repub neo-con...

    and their solution doesn't involve a rooftop and a guys have mental issues

  93. well to me since mequon county is by milwaukee and the workers shredding ballots and asking for a drivers liscense to vote. sounds to me like they were just following the repubthugs wishes.

  94. I don't acknowledge this happened without proof.

    But...This is one of the most conservative counties in the state. During the fall, Scott Walker won it with 68 percent of the vote. Prosser underperformed Walker almost everywhere else in the state, but here he ends up with 72%? Those could just as easily been Kloppenburg ballots destroyed.

  95. management hired thugs and corrupt police to fire rifle vollies into union strikers...
    killed many of them...

    I had great uncles who lost limbs in coal mines, were paid $10, fired, and sent home before unions took hold...

    Pittsburgh is the best city in the Country, and it's union thru and thru...

  96. dems are scum of the earth and worthless pieces of garbage.

  97. Soon, America will be one giant PARASITE (consisting of Gov't/Public Sector UNION workers), feeding on the dying HOST (private sector workers) they've sucked the life out of. After the host is dead, 0bama declares himself KING (he's almost there already) and the PARASITES become his slaves.

  98. repubs are the root of all evil
    being garbage would be a step up for them

    proof? management shooting union members?
    any history book

  99. The King (Obama) has an army (Unions)

  100. and the repubs have a legion of crazy roof top shooters...

    they struck once in AZ against gifford

  101. Lol I'm just having fun with it. I know it is beyond ridiculous but sometimes it is fun to poke the crazy people.


    All the Nikkis

  102. >as far as racism? it was neo-con who brought up the 'whiteness' of the area and said the bad black AG is biased and would not enforce the law for white people...

    No, Holder himself said that this was his policy. He doesn't consider it a crime to violate the civil rights of white people, of which Obama is 1/2, but I guess Dems agree with the Nazis on the "one drop rule."

  103. Nikki: i have never earned 50,000 and i have a wife and 5 kids. i have worked 30 years and have been happy. demasses will always want more cause they cry and whine, take them out and shoot the SOB's. stand for your country and balance a budget get rid of all free things(welfare and so many more)and return america to what it was. It is not communism like obummer

  104. and we have the tri-fecta
    neocons invoke their spiritual ancestors: nazi's
    roof top shooting

    so the AG said he will not enforce the law for white people? really?

    you guys have lost touch with reality...your hatred for others coupled with self-loathing, combined with the realizaton of what you are, has made you 'sick'

  105. what kind of irresponsible person has 5 kids and tries to raise them on less than 50k?
    you ain't paying any taxes...
    with the deductions/credits, etc., you are 'free loading'

    shoot 'de masses'? again, with the genocide

    you sure as heck don't stand for America...
    you are cukoo...kill masses of people? SOB's?

  106. don't forget the poster child for the entitled left ... the woman in Detroit standing in line for her Obama Money! why earn a living when it can be given to you. the unions, dems, socialist destroyed Detroit. they are the most corrupt people in this nation. hell, even the past mayor is doing time. and conyers (a card carrying socialist) wife is up for legal issues on kick backs... no one should need a union to have a job. if you can't show your worth and value to a company then you should not be there. prove you are worth something and get hired. prove you're better than the rest and earn even more. if you want to be a slave and live off of others hard work then join a union. if you want to be free with unlimited earning potential and success get an education and work hard.

    as for the racist comments ... you know your are talking to leftest idiots when they say that as you don't hear it from the right. and in fact if you were to read history, it was the left/dems that were and are the racists. the right were the ones who finally stopped it. the dems have always had control over the minorities starting with suppressing them into slavery to now using them for gaining votes. I can tell you that when a group of political office holding/seeking dems get in a room to discuss strategies and a minority is not in the room, they are some of the most racist individuals you ever met and it is all about how to make the minorities to feel oppressed by the right so that the dems can get their votes. they don't give 2 chits about minorities, other than the vote.

    unions had their purpose in the beginning, but now are the breeding grounds for instilling communism as seen in who is standing next to who in the protests vids. it's a shame this has been allowed to happen and even more of a shame that this admin enforces it. I know that if I had been in a union and saw that a communist party member was protesting next to me I would have left and then really questioned the unions leaders on what the hell is going on. but instead they are showing up together more and more.

    I just pray we don't see a civil war in this country from this administrations policies and supporting marxist progression.

  107. crazy people like neo-cons will always find an 'excuse' to inflict their mental illness's (racism, violence/murder, neo-nazi) symptoms on others...

    it's always someone elses fault, never guys need to assume some personal responsibility and stop blaming others for your lot in life...

    I hope you loonies attempt armed insurrection so that my brothers in the 82nd can put you down like the treasonous dogs you are...

    you say you 'hope' it doesn't come to that..again, you lie, you pray for that you gun mongering, food hording, imbeciles

  108. its good to see the brainwashing and kool-aid drinking is a live and well. also interesting that you are among the very few possible military persons I have come across that actually support this admin. your comments confirm my suspicions.

  109. If this is true the people involved need to spend time in jail and get fined. I don't care who they are.

  110. it's funny that I can't find anything regarding this story on any Wisconsin newspaper websites.......nor heard any mention of it on the news

  111. I think everyone should step back for a moment from the "voter fraud" finger pointing and get ALL the facts.

    First and foremost, nowhere have I heard that ANYONE knows that IF there ballots thrown away, who they where for; Prosser or Kloppenburg.

    Second, as for the extra 10,000 votes that were cast in Dane County for the Supreme Court race . . . well, I am not surprised. I for one voted in only two of the races in my area. In the ones I did not vote in I did so because I either did not know enough about either candidate or there was only one candidate and I did not want to support them. Because of the polarizing issues over the last two months many people may have simply gone to the polls to vote in the Supreme Court race

  112. Nikki,

    GE is paying taxes and did not get a rebate...the NY Time was wrong...even liberal newspapers don't do their homework. So much for reporters these days.

    Yea, its not a large tax rate, but watch this video on how many days our government could be run on the profits of all the corporations in the US.

  113. crazy people like neo-cons (like Obama in Libya) will always find an 'excuse' to inflict their mental illness's (racism, violence/murder, neo-nazi) symptoms on others (hitler was national socialist, Obama is international socialist)...

    it's always someone elses fault, never theirs (Obama to a T) guys need to assume some personal responsibility and stop blaming others for your lot in life (pot, meet kettle of protesters)...

    I hope you loonies attempt armed insurrection so that my brothers in the 82nd can put you down like the treasonous dogs you are (what happens when the Executive is on the other foot?)...

    you say you 'hope' it doesn't come to that..again, you lie, you pray for that you gun mongering, food hording, imbeciles (You love dependency and the soft backhand of tyranny)

    (suck it up buttercup)

  114. Thomas, why do you posts links to your own site and dress them up as verifiable evidence to your claims.

    Oh, and your blog sucks.

  115. There is a good reason the Democratic party is tied to organized crime, they are synonymous with one another.

  116. I know that Mark Belling is a conservative, and I guess you can infer (if you want to) that he is trying to imply a vote for Prosser was stolen, but I don't see that in his statement and I don't remember hearing him say that. In any case, no matter what side that vote would have fallen on shouldn't we all be concerned that a seemingly legal ballot was destroyed and not counted? How is his checking into this a bad thing?

  117. I thought you guys liked neofascism - i mean conservatism. These "laws" as you call them only apply to the other party, right?

  118. I say thank you to all the hardworking people of the early unions for their help in getting laws passed that protected us from unscrupulous tyrants of the early days of the industrial revolution but, now that we have the laws that protect us the unions can GO AWAY and stop sucking the life out of the ones who create the jobs. The unions were created to give the people who were being strong-armed an equalizer but, public unions can only strong-arm the ones they work for the, PEOPLE that pay TAXES who are not tyrants or out to strong-arm anyone, therefore public unions should not exist. We wouldn't be in this mess if it weren’t for the lefties wanting an unqualified, never was a judge, do what the unions say ringer, on the Supreme Court.

  119. I dare yall to search on most famous news sites cause this is FAKE HAHAHAHA FAKE

  120. It's amazing that so many people are actually believing this b.s. The right is quick to point fingers at the left, cry voter fraud, make up a story about "destroyed ballots that surely were for OUR candidate"...anyone can make up a story and pass it off as fact. You know as well as the next person there was going to be a recount no matter who won, and Prosser just hasn't officially asked for one yet. He will. He has done some outrageous things, so asking for a recount is nothing. Now, making sure no extra ballots are added by the right, by the Koch Bros. and their money...that is a real concern. Not about ballots that weren't actually destroyed. Open your eyes people.

    And by the way, I'm a liberal college student voter. I voted ONCE. I have always been asked to verify my identity. Never have I been to a polling location where a person was not asked, and they were given a ballot and told to vote away. Again, open your eyes - illegal voting by liberals does not go on the way conservatives think. Quit assuming and generalizing. It's tacky.


  122. As a resident of Mequon, I know the Assistant Clerk that shredded the document. The fact it was shredded is not in dispute. The City admits it. I don't know the AC's politics. Is she a union worker? I don't know. Is she a good AC? I believe so. Is this widespread? I don't know but I wouldn't be surprised.

  123. Don't let the facts or lack thereof get in the way of your wing-nut "who has the tiniest brain" contest. As an impartial observer I would probably call it a dead heat !

  124. What's with the 'racism' charges to my comment? Seriously - I'm Just Another [friendly] Anonymous Coward - not the AG of the US.

    I don't have the authority to prevent the laws and Constitution of the US from being ignored or applied only to subgroups based on the color of peoples' skin. That's Holder's bag, baby.

  125. I'm a Ron Paul guy. We played a role in fighting Walker. You Palin partiers don't get it. There's an uprising in this country. It's coming from the middle. Nikki, it's funny you mention gluten. I'm coming down from fake opioid withdrawal. Gluten f***s you up, if you don't have the enzyme.

    Democrats and Republicans find your place in history, the Liberals and Conservatives in the middle are saying no. The Right and Left are being laughed at. The far gone on the spectrum meet behind the building as they say.

    For noobs:
    Gone Left Dem Lib N/A Con Rep Right Gone

  126. Love how people are using words like "always" and "never". When you see words like that in a statement you know its more opinion than anything based on factual evidence. Fact: The media has used the term " eliminating workers rights " which is completely inaccurate but they seem to have convinced the misinformed left masses. The bill does not eliminate workers rights or even collective bargaining, its only stopping the unions from deciding on what they want to pay on benefits. doesnt touch their bargaining on wages and hours and etc. Plus, most unions arent even needed anymore because their are laws in place that guarantee the same things they claim to provide. Unions were asked to contribute a little more, and they had a hissy fit, which theyre still on. end of story

  127. say cheese, jackasses!

  128. To the idiot who said thank a union for not working a 15 hour thank thefederal law. Why do we need unions to do what is already part of labor laws?
    The pension scansal is also part of the states problem. And when the budget repair goes into affect, those in the public sector will protest by "retiring" with full pension payout, regardless of age, even if they find new jobs. All on the tax payer dime.
    It is greed on the union and public sectors part. No one in the private sector can do this!

  129. Unions forced that into federal law friend. Do you think congress just decided to pass those laws out of the kindness of their hearts or do you think maybe the needed forced into it? Surely, Teddy Roosevelt, the most pro-union of all presidents agreed, and that didn't hurt!

    And labour laws are actually not as protective as you think in your country. You have no guarantee of a day off once a week, nor do you have any guarantee of compensation for sick days, nor is there anything in law guaranteeing vacation. The only reason those get into any job is because unions provide them for some jobs and for any other business to compete, they have to match.

  130. everybody keeps saying "rich" and"poor", but what about the middle class citizens? they are the ones really getting screwed. and you should thank a union.

  131. Hate mongering is terrible!! While you people were arguing and name calling, some of us looked back at this article.
    Please reread the paragraph that said: "We have received reports Mequon poll workers destroyed submitted ballots before poll closing time, demanding a driver’s license number from the absentee voter."
    Now how would they be demanding a driver's license from an ABSENTEE voter? They wouldn't have even come in contact with absentee ballots!!!
    STOP the name calling and lets start the healing!!

  132. Why do you think wisconsin has become a poor city? Democrats have run it for the past decade

  133. Get over it! Sounds like the GOP has taken a page from FOX news and started making things up out of desperation because they can't believe that they LOST!

  134. Sour grapes, sour grapes. Dems are about to put fairness and humanity back on the table in Wisconsin by taking the reins from you Nazis. This is what democracy looks like. If you don't like it, move to another country. We'd be better off without you!!

  135. I just posted the link on my Facebook profile. Will add a blog post tomorrow sometime.

  136. Actually, democracy was the thuggish out of control union goons in Madison. It's why the Founding Fathers gave us what Benjamin Franklin called "a republic, if you can keep it."

    It's the union thugs and goons that are using Nazi stormtrooper and brownshirt tactics, as well as doing lousy impersonations of Tony Soprano and his crew. The Mafia has more class than they do.

  137. I remember when Tom Barrett and the democrats made Milwaukee the fourth poorest city in the nation...Cool Lets build a High speed rail too while were at it! and keep spending money the state doesnt have! Dumbocrats

  138. I can't believe someone actually said oink oink piggy school teachers. Get real. These public servants are teaching our children everyday and certainly not wealthly. You're rude and classless. If people actually took the time to read the budget repair bill and see how it will affect all of you (unless your making over 300,ooo), you wouldn't be sticking up for it. If any of you have elderly parents, tell them to say good bye to Medicare. That is next. Thugs, goons, and dumbocrats? You are all getting so ugly.

  139. You know wats ugly? democrats running away from doing their jobs that taxpayers pay for them to do. Instead we paid them to go shopping and stay in hotels? Protestors calling scott walker adolf Hitler? you dont call that ugly? People going after a republic congressman walking to his car and wanting to hurt him? and then a democrat supports those actions? that's not ugly? please youre pathetic

  140. I just want to say that the U.S. did have a surplus of money before Bush took office and Obama took office when the country was already in a downward spiral, also whether or not this is true it could be prosser votes that got shredded or kloppenburg.

  141. I didn't see anything in that image you posted about how long these ballots needed to be preserved. Maybe they did all that was required then took them off to be destroyed. You did not show us anything saying they could not be far as I know those are regulations for transport to a burning site.

  142. "Why do you think wisconsin has become a poor city? Democrats have run it for the past decade"

    So much education fail...

  143. Nikki the Nitwit,

    You now have a bona fide leftist running the Supreme Court and a partisan Democrat political hack leading this election, subject to a thorough recount.

    Happily, this recount will be done with great scrutiny, as the Wisconsin Democrap party has more convictions for voter fraud than any entity in the U.S. other than ACORN. Please cite any Republican groups that you know have been convicted of voter fraud...I have selective memory. But I can only think of Democraps who have committed voter fraud and election crimes.

  144. There is nothing strange about 10,000 more votes being cast for the Supreme Court race in Dane County than for the County Executive. If people don't know anything about a particular race, they often decline to cast a vote in that race. I do it all the time with some local races about which I don't feel informed enough. The main focus for weeks on the spring elections has been on the Supreme Court race. That's only 5% of the voters in the county declining to vote on that race. It's nothing.

  145. Mark Belling is NOT "APPARENTLY" a Radio Talk Show Host... HE "IS" a Radio Talk Show Host...

  146. Facebook won't let me share this post...says its blocked content.

  147. Make me another Dane county person who voted in the election for Supreme Court but didn't fill in anything for Dane county executive. Ooo, I guess there must be voter fraud because of the mismatch of votes between races.

  148. Can you say, "Propaganda?" ...At the hands of indifference we've become a byproduct of afflicted servitude distracted by dissension - evaluating every nuance of ambiguity to maintain a sense of equilibrium and or to safeguard basic freedoms and then equality resulting in an aggregated apathy which then by default aligns us with the doctrine of and for Supremacy. * Those who wish to separate us ...wish to rule over us.

  149. All I can say to conservatives is quit being such victims. How is it that when you lose an election, and this election isn't even over, it can only be because of fraud? Proser had a double digit lead in the polls just a few weeks ago and now we are down to 200 votes that separate the candidates. Is this all the result of some massive fraud? Could it be that the movement to the right that conservatives are so sure of is actually an illusion? Maybe people don't hate teachers as much as the conservative base clearly does? Maybe Prosers own comments about his colleagues on the court show a lack of civility that the voters of Wisconsin find unacceptable in the highest court of the state. Until the conservative base gets away from its victim mentality the answers to these questions and any others that require a degree of introspection will be lost on the base.

  150. Long and short of it is the candidate that won was the least qualified. I would go as far as saying she is a freak. Hope all you teachers and state employees are happy. God help our criminal justice system.

  151. Wow, so much hatred and ignorance in this thread. You should all be ashamed!

  152. It is quite sad to see most of these comments from both sides of the "aisle".

    Democrats and Republicans have both committed voter fraud so to finger point to either one is insane.

    If there is voter fraud on this election it could easily have come from either side or both sides - Republicans needing more votes to win could tear up ballots to make the difference of 200 some votes, on the other hand Democrats could tear the ballots up since the difference is a small margin and a re-count could show that Prosser is actually the winner.

    So, how can either side say it was the other party and not theirs?

    We are all adults, right? Let's stop pointing fingers and work together. We may not always like the outcome but if this State and Country continue to be this divided we will destroy ourselves, and what good is that?

    And, for those that talk down or badly to others please take some advice my mother gave to me as a child....if you can't say anything nice then don't say anything at all.

  153. Look, given what happened in Troy, NY,close elections must all be held in question and probably re-run. The winner's margin must be larger than the "margin of fraud" that seems to be not uncommon in modern elections. The elction can't be allowed to be given to the side that "cheats better". This probably means 1)getting rid of same day registration, 2) clearing all voter registration lists and require everyone to re-register (get rid of people who are dead or have moved), 3) associate every registration with a social security number which must be reported back to the feds to ensure everyone is registered once. 4) no more absentee voting or voting by mail, 5) You must show your picture ID to vote. 6) no more early voting.

  154. Thank you for all entertaining me for the past hour....the posts against Nikki were AWESOME!

  155. I find it ironic that we send our citizens to other countries to be observers of elections and report on any improprieties. Maybe its time to ask foreigners to oversee ours.

    The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limitations.

  156. The left kills me with the drivel about tax
    breaks for the big "evil" corporations...

    Income tax, employment tax, unemployment tax,
    excise tax, social security tax, medicare tax
    and on and on...

    Where are these companies robbing the Federal
    Treasury of their "fair share?" And what are
    these evil corporations doing with the excesses
    they are being allowed to keep??? Are they
    building their own personal vaults to hide the
    money in? Or, are they paying wages, investing
    in R & D, maybe hiring more people?

    Naw, wishful thinking... they are destroying
    the environment, increasing global warming, and
    generally making life tough for those unwilling
    to work for a living...I guess!

  157. I don't understand, with the technology at our disposal, why fraud is not 100% preventable in our election process. Why are there third world countries that appear to have elections with a higher level of integrity that we do? We should lead the rest of the world in election integrity. There is only one reason to oppose changes that would ensure election integrity. To allow or even encourage fraud. I hate that I question the results of a close election regardless of who wins. Even if I don't agree with the winner, the process should yield an accurate result that I don't have to question.

    One other thing I would like to have a Democrat explain to me: If the Democrats are fighting for the poor, why are there still such problems in the Democrat controlled large cities like Milwaukee and Chicago? Chicago has been completely Democrat controlled for generations. If they really wanted to fix it, wouldn't they have done it by now? Chicago runs exactly the way they want it to. The inner city social programs and handouts have created a total dependence of the poor, and now even some of the middle class, on the government for their very existence. If that's not the "elite" few controlling the poor masses then I don't know what is. If you don't need handout from someone then they have no control over you.

  158. I simply wanted to post a comment to show that I can do so using my real name. Something that I notice that almost NO ONE on a conservative page does; on sites like "" it is *requited* that one be registered with your ACTUAL name so that the kind of ridiculous comments that are posted here are at leas attributed to the individuals.
    Members of the "Tea Party" wonder why you are laughed at so much by liberals and others? Could it be, just maybe, because you give us so much that is hilarious? This kind of "punditry" posted on the very day that a Past President of the Republican Women Of Waukesha County Executive Committee just "happens" to find 7,500 extra votes for the candidate you were whining was losing to his opponent to by 250?
    Spare are all pathetic, but at least I say so under my own name. You cowards just keep posting "Anonymously" so we can keep our respect for you!

  159. The DNR Witch won't win. She prematurelly claimed victory.

  160. @Kathleen McLaughlin-Hoppe

    I don't post my real name because I don't know what kind of nutjobs are out there. I don't need the intimidation that comes along with ticking off union goons. If your side didn't use death threats, perhaps we'd see more real names attached to comments. If your side didn't engage in personal attacks (character assassination), perhaps people wouldn't be reluctant to step forward end comment under their real names.

    Instead of sticking to the topic, your side tries to discredit the message by demeaning/laughing at the messenger.

  161. @Kathleen McLaughlin Hoppe . . . I think if you read back you will see that the Anonymous posts by raging lefty's outnumber the the posts by Anonymous republicans.

    I am a tea party republican, and I don't give a damn if you laugh or not. Furthermore, I don't know any tea party people who wonder, or care, if liberals laugh. You simply are not that important to us. We are taking back the state, and the county.

    If you believe the 7500 ballots are indeed fraudulent, then I expect you to be on board now with voter ID.

    You are pathetic little wart on the ass of humanity. Keep posting using your real name so you are known for the fool you are. If, that is really your name . . .

  162. @Kathleen McLaughlin Hoppe... Some of us work
    for a living... you know, pay taxes, run the
    economy... I do not own the small business that
    I work for, thus, I cannot take any chances
    that the drooling left will not attack my place
    of employment in some fashion... because of
    this, I am not at liberty to divulge my name...
    fancy that, the nutjob left infringing on
    American liberties!
    Just know, as Timothy Krueger said "We are
    taking back the state, and the county."
    You are certainly welcome to leave and "adopt"
    another state... I hear Illinois has room for
    nutjobs. They are even further in debt than
    Wisconsin and not afraid to keep spending...
    However, soon they won't have any businesses to
    tax and vilify, so good luck with that!

  163. You know... I just spent half an hour searching for proof that "vote shredding" actually happened.

    Couldn't find a "shred" of proof. I did find legions of right-wing websites repeating the claim, but no interviews, no articles, no proof, no pictures, nothing.

    And I realized it's easier to make a big noise about voter fraud than it is to stand up and prove it.

    But hey, let's level the playing field.

    Every State switches to paper ballots and marking pens, with OCR scanners for rapid counting. We use those here in Michigan, they're great.

    All Ballots to be held for two years and then recycled.

    Destroying a ballot before that, even a blank, one year in jail.

    Anybody want to vote for that?